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Community Paramedic Academic Certificate

ISU offers the Academic Certificate in Community Paramedics which is taught completely live-on-line. Credits earned in this program can be applied to the Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree Emergency Medical Services (EMS) concentration.

The program consists of nine academic credits made up of four classes and the clinical practicum offered over three semesters:

Spring Semester (January – May)

CPAR 3400 Introduction to Community Paramedics 2 credits
CPAR 3410 Introduction to Community Assessment 1 credit

Summer Semester (May – August)

CPAR 4410 Community Assessment 2 credits
CPAR 4420 Pathophysiology for the Community Paramedic 1 credit

Fall Semester (August – December)

CPAR 4440 Community Paramedic Clinical Practicum 3 credits


All classes are taught online by paramedics and healthcare experts who have training and field experience in/with community paramedicine. A computer (speakers and a microphone or headset) with an internet connection is all that is necessary to attend class. ISU uses Blackboard Collaborate as the virtual classroom and Moodle as the learning management system. Students will receive lecture material, instructor-led discussion, peer-to-peer discussion in breakout groups, additional audio/visual content such as video and PowerPoint presentations and the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions the same as if they were in a traditional classroom. Regardless of residency, all online classes are charged at the affordable in-state tuition rate.

The two classes in the spring and summer semesters are scheduled in a one evening forum each week, from 5:30 – 8:30 PM (MST). Class participation is an important part of the student’s experience and a contributing factor in grading. However, the classes are all recorded and archived for review, as needed. The final semester will consist of the Community Paramedic Clinical Practicum. Clinical sites and experiences will be arranged by ISU in conjunction with the student and the student’s agency of employment. Clinicals are designed to provide the breadth of the community paramedic experience to include home visits, clinics, hospitals, physician practices as needed and as identified by the community assessment process.

This program offers instruction from experienced professionals, the opportunity for interaction, and a solid curriculum that is tailored for agencies with fledgling programs. In particular, the Clinical Practicum will provide a quality, hands-on experience designed to ensure that the basic principles of community paramedics are effectively implemented in a way that responds to the unique needs of each community served.


Rachel Azzarito, Education Coordinator & Academic Degree Advisor
208 373 1760,

Michael Mikitish, Department Chair
208 373 1764,

Rodney Hackwith, Paramedic Director
208 373 1879,