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Folklore Program

The Folklore program offers a minor bridging the humanities and social sciences with courses in folklore genres, folklore and literature, and cultural anthropology. Through studying informal, vernacular culture we seek to understand human creativity and social interactions as they appear in everyday experience.

The program introduces students to the study of folklore genres, fieldwork, and types of folk groups. Upper-division courses provide opportunities for study of ethnographic and material culture fieldwork, American Indian verbal and material arts, folklore and literature, and fantasy literature.

The minor in folklore can augment Anthropology, English, History, Sociology, or any other major.

The minor in folklore consists of 18 credits.

This course is required:

  • ENGL/ANTH 2212 – Introduction to Folklore and Oral Tradition (Satisfies General Education Objective 9) (3)

Select 15 credits from the following: (15)

  • ANTH 3301 – Introduction to Shoshoni Folklore
  • ANTH 4404 – Material Culture Analysis
  • ANTH 4449 – Qualitative Research Methods
  • ANTH 4452 – American Indian Verbal Arts
  • ANTH 4472 – Native American Arts
  • ANTH/ENGL 4490 – Topics in Folklore
  • ENGL 4492 – Folklore and Literature

Contact us:

Thomas Klein

Director of English Undergraduate Studies


Amanda Christensen

English & Philosophy Administrative Assistant