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Words that say Department of English and Philosophy Faculty Handbook

Welcome! The Department of English and Philosophy Handbook provides links to guiding policies and procedures in our department. Policies are created through a collaborative process and enter the Handbook when they are approved by relevant constituencies within the department.
The guidelines and policies here should be read within the context of broader statements governing our work, such as those from the State Board of Education, the ISU Policies and Procedures, and the College of Arts and Letters. In addition, some guidelines, such as those related to the graduate programs, are housed separately in the English M.A. Handbook or Ph.D. Handbook.
The Handbook was at one point a physical document, an actual handbook. It was reformatted as a website, with links to separate policies, in 2021. This Handbook is updated each year, around July 1, and the policies here govern our work for the July - June academic year. If you have a question about the policies here, please direct them to the Chair of English and Philosophy.

Departmental Structure and Governance

General Professional Policies I - Rank, Workload, Contracts, etc.

General Professional Policies II - Travel Policies and Procedures

Teaching I - General Policies

Teaching II - Course Guidelines

Teaching III - Dual Enrollment

Evaluation - Annual and Tenure & Promotion