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Emeritus Faculty

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Dante Cantrill

Professor of English (retired 2005)

PhD in English (1974), University of Washington


Terry Engebretsen

Associate Professor of English (retired 2014)

PhD in American Studies (1982), Washington State University


Janne Goldbeck

Professor of English (retired 2006)

PhD in English (1972), University of Oklahoma


John Kijinski

Professor of English (retired 2007)

PhD in English (1985), University of Wisconsin


Kathleen King

Professor of English (retired 2007)

PhD in English (1984), University of Nebraska – Lincoln


William L. King

Professor of Philosophy (retired 1994)

PhD in Philosophy (1968), Standford University

Carl Levenson

Professor of Philosophy (retired 2016)

PhD in Social Thought (1980), University of Chicago


Tracy Montgomery

Associate Professor of English (retired 2013)

DA in English (1987), Idaho State University


Anne E. Mullin

Associate Professor of English (retired 2000)

PhD (1991), University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Rosemary N. Myers

Assistant Professor of English (retired 1999)

MA (1953), University of Arkansas

H. Wayne Schow

Professor of English (retired 1999)

PhD (1970), University of Iowa

Denzell S. Smith

Professor of English (retired 1991)

PhD (1965), University of Minnesota

Susan Swetnam

Professor of English (retired 2013)

PhD in English (1979), University of Michigan


Paul D. Tate

Professor of English; Dean, Graduate School (retired 2006)

PhD (1976), Yale University

Mary Ellen Walsh

Professor of English (retired 2002)

PhD (1971), University of Arizona

Jonathan A.G. Westphal

Professor of Philosophy (retired 2011)

PhD (1981), University of London