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Our Mission

Professor Matt Levay in classroom with students

The mission of the Department of English and Philosophy is to provide a foundation for a liberal arts education—to think and write clearly, to read carefully and critically, to reason effectively and systematically, and to engage with the works and problems in our disciplines. All these prepare our students to address the complexities of the twenty-first century world. In Philosophy, we study profound questions about reality and human experience: questions concerning God, the mind, freedom, and morality. In English, we study literature, writing, and the structure of language; these investigations yield insight into the human condition, including the function of identity, culture, and history. Our graduate programs combine these areas of focus with specialized training in college English pedagogy. Across the Department, we pursue research and creative endeavors that contribute to our fields. Our service brings our disciplinary expertise to the needs of university, regional, national, and international communities.