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Faculty Research Interests

American Literature: Hal Hellwig, Alan Johnson, Margaret Johnson, David Lawrimore, Amanda Zink

British and Postcolonial Literature: Alan Johnson, Thomas Klein, Matthew Levay, Roger Schmidt, Matthew Vanwinkle, Curtis Whitaker, Jessica Winston

Rhetoric and Composition: Hal Hellwig, Robert Watkins

Linguistics: Thomas Klein, Brent Wolter, Sonja Launspach

Popular Culture: Margaret Johnson, Matthew Levay

Creative Writing: Susan Goslee, Bethany Schultz Hurst

English Education and Literature Pedagogy: David Lawrimore, Curtis Whitaker, Jessica Winston, Amanda Zink

Gender, Language, and Literature: Sonja Launspach, Amanda Zink

Literature and the Environment: Alan Johnson, Curtis Whitaker

History of the Book: Roger Schmidt

Film Studies: Margaret Johnson

Genres: Graphic Novels, Crime Fiction, the Gothic: Matthew Levay, Robert Watkins, Matthew Vanwinkle

Medieval Studies: Thomas Klein

Professional and Technical Writing: Robert Watkins

Poetry and Poetic: Susan Goslee, Bethany Schultz Hurst, Matthew VanWinkle, Curtis Whitaker

Second Language Acquisition: Sonja Launspach, Brent Wolter

Renaissance Studies: Roger Schmidt, Curtis Whitaker, Jessica Winston

Drama and Performance Studies: Jessica Winston