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Idaho State University
William Donovan

William Donovan

Associate Lecturer in English

Office: LA 207-E



MA, English (2007), Idaho State University

BA, American Studies (2002), Idaho State University


My teaching is designed to try to reach the variety of learning styles my students employ. Whether in the composition sequence or the introductory literature courses, I employ a system of reading, lecture, discussion, and application. I know, from my experience working as a tutor in a writing lab, that the lower the teacher/student ratio, the more effective the teaching and learning. With this in mind, I seek to increase the number of times a student can have more one-on-one time. Teaching and learning should be a self-reflective process. As an educator, this means that I need to be aware of what has been successful for my students in the past so that I can implement or improve upon this in the future; likewise, I need to be aware of what has not been successful so that I can drop or modify that technique for future classes.

Selected Awards and Honors


  • LDSSA Excellence in Education Award, 2014
  • CASE Professor of the Year nominee, 2014


Courses Taught


  • 2210: American Cultural Studies
  • 1115: Modern Irish Literature
  • 1110: Introduction to Literature
  • 1102: Critical Reading and Writing
  • 1101: English Compositionas