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Idaho State University

eISU Governance Structure

The eISU Steering Committee

The eISU Steering Committee is a decision making body regarding strategy, operation, and budgeting/fee authorization.

  • Laura Woodworth-Ney - Provost
  • Randy Gaines - Chief Information Officer
  • Blake Beck - Director of eISU
  • Selena M. Grace - Vice Provost for Academic Strategy & Institutional Effectiveness

The eISU Advisory Committee

The eISU Advisory Committee recommends ideas for growing eISU, implements policy/decisions/changes from the steering committee, and plans faculty events. The committee guides course quality, student identity, academic integrity, equal access-accessibility, and student support initiatives.

  • Karen Wilson Scott - Associate Dean of Education
  • Clayn Lambert - Senior Instructor/TGE Coordinator
  • David Rodgers - Associate Dean of Science and Engineering
  • Michael Mikitish - Director/Program Coordinator
  • Nancy Devine - Associate Dean/Director School of Rehabilitation & Communication Science
  • Paul Cady - Dean of Pharmacy
  • Shannon Lynch - Chair/Professor of Psychology
  • Sue Schou - Assistant Professor of Business
  • Tracy Collum - Associate Dean of Graduate School
  • Cindy Hill, Executive Director, Student Success Center
  • Blake Beck - Director eISU
  • Randy Stamm - eLearning Coordinator
  • Lisa Kidder - Sr. Instructional Technologist

Input from the university community regarding eISU is encouraged. Please contact Blake Beck if you have questions or would like to submit a recommendation.