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The Department of Enviromental Health and Safety (EHS) coordinates a variety of materials handling and waste disposal-related training. Most of this training is required by state and federal regulations to be completed by faculty, staff and students on an annual basis. It is also part of the best practices for use of these substances.

Meeting these requirements is essential to maintain ISU licenses and permits for the use of radioactive and pathogenic, as well as hazardous, substances for research and educational purposes.

Many training courses and examinations are available online.

If you have questions regarding whether you have completed required training, contact the EHS at (208) 282-2310.

Training Links

Chemical Hygiene & Laboratory Hazard Communication Training

For all staff, students and faculty who deal with chemicals in any capacity there is a required self enrolled Moodle course.  It deals with the following

  • ISU's Safety Data sheets (SDS) database
  • how to navigate and understand Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 
  • Hazard Classification and Pictograms
  • Labels and Other Forms of Warning
  • Protective Measures
  • Compressed Gas Safety
  • Contacts for Hazard Communication Questions/Concerns Written Hazard Communication Program

To self-enroll, in the Moodle course, first log into your moodle account. select site home on the left side-bar, then scroll down to search courses near the bottom, and search for EHS, and select EHS - 01 Chemical Hygiene & Laboratory Hazard Communication.