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ISU Animal Care and Use Risk Assessments

The EHS Department supports the Institutional Animal Care and Use committee/program by providing occupational health and safety resources. This includes facilitating and reviewing a Risk Assessment for each protocol.

The purpose of the IACUC Risk Assessment is to identify, evaluate, manage, and reduce potential health and safety risks associated with participant’s exposure to animals and other hazards. Completed and signed Risk Assessments are required prior to final approval of a protocol. 

Steps for completing an IACUC Risk Assessment (RA)

  1. PI - Download the appropriate risk assessment form below.
    • Name form using protocol number and PI last name
  2. PI - Complete the Risk Assessment with the exception of assigning the overall protocol risk level.
    1. Complete project information and list all participants. 
    2. STEP 1 section: Identify potential and existing hazards: 
      • Check listed hazards that apply and add additional hazards not listed.
    3. STEP 2 section: Identify risk controls and actions: 
      • Copy and paste hazards identified in STEP 1 to the hazards column of Risk Control and Actions table in STEP 2.
      • Add Problem (what could happen if risk not controlled.)
      • Add Control to be implemented. 
        • using PI knowledge/experience and from the IACUC Hazard Control Guidelines provided below.
  3. PI - Submit completed RA to and
  4. EHS - Review, finalize and assign overall assessment level
    • EHS OHS may contact PI for clarification and may edit the RA.
  5. EHS - send final RA to PI and
  6. PI - Sign and obtain participant signatures.
  7. PI - Send signed RA to and to
  8. OR ROC - files completed RA in protocol folder.

IACUC Risk Assessment Form

IACUC Hazard Control Guidelines