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N-95 Respiratory Protection Program

The ISU N-95 Respiratory protection plan was created and implemented in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to provide training and PPE to students during their clinical rotations while also alleviating medical facilities from having to provide the process to students. EHS continues to provide this support to aid faculty, staff, and students to protect their respiratory health while performing their duties in a clinical setting.
The process requires three major steps which include:

  • Training
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Fit Testing

If you are in need of a full/half face respirator for your duties please review our Respiratory Protection Program page or contact our Health and Safety Technician.

What is an N95?

Is a KN95 the same thing?

How do I get N-95 fit tested?

What if I am a non-medical employee?

Where is the Medical Questionnaire?

How long does it take for my medical clearance to process?

What can I expect during a fit test?

Can I keep my facial hair?