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Idaho State University

Risk Assessment Process. Identify Hazards, assess risk, control risk, review controls, repeat if necessary.

The EHS Department  supports the ISU Institutional Animal Care and Use committee/program  by providing  occupational health and safety  resources.  Working with individual Principal Investigators to  complete  a  Risk Assessment  for each protocol is a major aspect of this support.

The purpose of  the  IACUC RISK ASSESSMENT  is to identify, evaluate, manage and reduce potential health and safety  risks associated with an individual's exposure to animals and  other hazards.   Completed and signed Risk  Assessments are required prior to final approval of a protocol. Three major Risk Assessment forms are available here. 


(links to MS word  fill forms)

ISU IACUC Field risk assessment

ISU IACUC Lab risk assessment

ISU IACUC Generic Risk Assessment