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Idaho State University

Asbestos Containing Materials Management

What we do to manage asbestos

The Idaho State University EHS Industrial Hygiene Manager, along with the Facilities Services asbestos Management and Housing Management are responsible for identifying potential asbestos hazards and ensuring ISU employees, students and the public are not exposed to airborne asbestos fibers. When an asbestos-containing building material is or will be disturbed, such as during maintenance, remodeling or accidental damage, and the area will be isolated, posted, and qualified contractors or staff will complete the work.  Facility workers are trained, per regulatory requirements, to handle maintenance work that might disturb asbestos. A smaller number of facility workers are trained to remove asbestos containing building materials.

EHS performs periodic air monitoring in building(s), which contain certain friable asbestos-containing building materials. Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed, federal regulations to promote the cleanest air standards possible at the University of Idaho in regards to asbestos.

How you can help

Be aware of your surroundings. If you notice any of the following contact EHS:

  • Damaged floor tiles,
  • Damaged ceiling panels,
  • Damaged thermal insulation on pipes,
  • Damaged fireproofing on building structural members,
  • Or other damaged materials that may potentially contain asbestos.

See link below for a list of common asbestos containing building materials.  We will determine if there is a cause for concern about the presence of asbestos.  Follow the ISU procedures for requesting all building maintenance, repair and remodeling work.  

If abatement work is taking place, DO NOT enter the restricted work area. Unauthorized entry can expose you and others to asbestos fibers that can be tracked out of the containment zone. Certified abatement workers wear respirators and disposable coveralls to protect themselves while working. To prevent asbestos fibers from escaping the containment, HEPA-filtered exhaust systems are used and asbestos workers decontaminate themselves prior to exiting the enclosure.

Additional Information and Asbestos Awareness Training is available upon request by contacting the Industrial Hygiene Manager.

For additional information, see the reference links on this page.

Common asbestos containing materials

OSHA asbestos fact sheet