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Project PPE:

Centralizing Critical Personal Protective Equipment for ISU Health Care Clinics During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) are posing a tremendous challenge to health care workers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In March, ISU began an effort to centralize available PPE and solicited the collection of PPE from Departments/Units to form an ISU Central Inventory.  The Central Inventory was created to ensure that ISU’s frontline health care workers have the necessary PPE to perform their jobs safely.

The Bengal Community came together in a truly remarkable way with over 30 Departments across three campuses donating over 12,000 units of PPE and supplies.

Two EHS employees loading a truck of PPE supplies to go into storage and distribution while maintaining social distancing and wearing cloth masks.

All collected PPE and supplies are stored in two secure locations on the Pocatello campus.  A Fulfillment Committee reviews PPE requests from clinics who are actively responding to the coronavirus or operating in an emergency capacity during coronavirus surges.  These clinics include:

  • University Health Center
  • Family Medicine
  • Pocatello and Meridian Family Dentistry

Status of the Central Inventory (as of 6/5/2020)

Over 200 units of PPE and supplies have been distributed across all four clinics.  As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, a supply of Critical PPE will be maintained in the Central inventory.  Consistent with guidelines from the State of Idaho, the Fulfillment Committee has recommended and the ISU COVID Incident Command Team has approved that a 10-day supply of Critical PPE will be maintained for each ISU clinic throughout the summer.  

We will begin returning all Non-Critical PPE and excess Critical PPE back to donating Departments and Units in four phased increments beginning in June through August.

Piles of gloves boxed in storage ready to be distributed.

Status of the Central Inventory (as of 6/15/2020)

Non-Critical PPE and supplies are available for return to the donating Departments and Units.  Contact EHS to arrange for the reacquisition of these items.  We have currently paused on the return of Critical PPE to donators while we evaluate the needs of students entering into clinical rotations and more closely monitor the rates of coronavirus in our community.  Information on the central inventory status will be updated accordingly. 

Status of the Central Inventory (as of 7/1/2021)

All critical PPE, non-critical PPE and supplies are available for return to the donating Departments and Units.  Please contact EHS to arrange for the reacquisition of these items.

Process for Clinics to Request PPE

  • Each clinic has a primary and secondary point of contact (POC)
  • Clinics review an inventory status log
  • POCs complete and return the PPE Request Form for 30-day supplies
    • Primary clinic operations return to routine work (5/22/20)
    • Request Form is getting updated (6/22/20)
  • Requests Forms are due on a rolling two-week basis; aligned with Payroll/Payday
  • The PPE Fulfillment Committee then reviews and makes a recommendation
  • EHS arranges for delivery (one-week allotted for processing time

PPE Fulfillment Committee

  • Dr. Christopher Owens, Associate VP, Kasiska Division of Health Sciences 
  • Dr. Ronald Solbrig, Director, University Health Center 
  • Christopher Boyce, Director, Emergency Management 
  • Jennifer Parrott, Co-Director, Environmental Health and Safety (Ex-Officio)


What is Considered Critical PPE?

Can I get PPE from the Central Inventory for my department or unit?

Will I be reimbursed for my donation?