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Idaho State University

Chemical Laboratory Safety (Chemical Hygiene)

A row of various chemicals in glass bottles on a shelf

The ISU Chemical Hygiene Plan and Appendices detail University requirements for the safe use and storage of chemicals in ISU laboratories.

Chemical Hygiene involves the proper chemical storage, safety equipment, work practices, procedures, and personal protective equipment for the safe use of chemicals in laboratories. All university laboratory work, must comply with the requirements of the ISU Chemical Hygiene Plan as  required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1450.

  • For assistance, contact the EHS Chemical Hygiene Officer at 282-3669.

ISU Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)   

Chemical Hygiene Plan Appendices:

CHP Appendix A: Definitions and Abbreviations

CHP Appendix B: Chemical Storage and Segregation

CHP Appendix C: Spill Response

CHP Appendix D: Laboratory Specific Safety Plan (template)

CHP Appendix E: Laboratory Inspection Checklist


CHP Resources and Documents

ISU CHP Compliance Guide for PIs and Academic Laboratory Managers

ISU Standard Operating Procedure Templates 

Chemical Resistance Guide (for glove selection)  - Ansell,  8th Edition

Chemical storage compatibility quick reference

Emergency Lab Shutdown Checklist

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory  (National Resource Council-2011)

UC Center for Laboratory Safety

American Chemical Society  - Chemical and Laboratory Safety

Chemical Hygiene & Laboratory  Hazard Communication Training