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Chemical Inventory

  • Idaho State University tracks its chemical inventory with an online database called CHIMERA, which stands for Chemical Inventory Management & Electronic Reporting Application, developed by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  • CHIMERA provides ISU with a number of advantages. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) will be stored online, and available online, increasing ease of access for persons who use chemicals.
  • The online inventory system also allows faculty to easily obtain detailed information about their chemical inventory, preventing wasteful over-stocking of chemicals.
  • Implementation of CHIMERA will also make chemical information more accessible to regulators and emergency personnel, which improves emergency response effectiveness and keeps ISU students, faculty and staff safe.
  • Contact Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) at 282-2310 for available orientation to CHIMERA
  • You can request a CHIMERA username and password using the below link. Requests will be forwarded to the EHS CHIMERA administrator
  • CHIMERA Online Inventory Management Website
  • CHIMERA user manual