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Idaho State University

Chemical Hygiene & Laboratory Hazard Communication Training

For all staff, students and faculty who deal with chemicals in any capacity there is a required self enrolled Moodle course.  It deals with the following

  • ISU's Safety Data sheets (SDS) database
  • how to navigate and understand Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 
  • Hazard Classification and Pictograms
  • Labels and Other Forms of Warning
  • Protective Measures
  • Compressed Gas Safety
  • Contacts for Hazard Communication Questions/Concerns Written Hazard Communication Program

To self-enroll, in the Moodle course, first log into your moodle account. select site home on the left side-bar, then scroll down to search courses near the bottom, and search for EHS, and select EHS - 01 Chemical Hygiene & Laboratory Hazard Communication.