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Chemical Inventory

CHIMERA logo gif: A cartoon Chimera blowing fire with the word Chimera underneath

Idaho State University tracks its chemical inventory with an online database called CHIMERA, which stands for Chemical Inventory Management & Electronic Reporting Application, developed by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. CHIMERA provides ISU with a number of advantages. 

  • OSHA required Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are stored and available online, increasing ease of SDS access for persons who use chemicals.
  • CHIMERA discourages wasteful over-stocking of chemicals, by allowing users to search for chemical availability, prior to ordering, through the Chemshare capability. This system allows faculty and staff to easily obtain detailed information about their chemical inventory.
  • Faculty and Staff are encouraged to use CHIMERA ChemShare to identify available chemicals on campus before ordering.
  • Chemical information is accessible to regulators and emergency personnel, improving emergency response effectiveness.

Contact Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) at 282-2310 for questions or orientation to CHIMERA.

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