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This page serves as a way to get course information. For a list of courses being offered for any given semester, see the or contact the ISU engineering department. For the most recent description of courses, please view the course catalog or contact your advisor.

Course List

Course Fees

Special Course Fees or Assessments are authorized by the Idaho State Board of Education. The engineering departments charges course fees in some undergraduate and graduate courses in order to pay for various consumables and equipment in those courses.

Idaho State Board of Education GOVERNING POLICIES AND PROCEDURES SECTION: V. FINANCIAL AFFAIRS Subsection: R. Establishment of Fees August 2006.

CE 1105 $85.00 AutoCAD software license fee and printing
CE 1120 $5.00 Printing and misc. items for the class projects
CE 3301 $20.00 Copies, fuel for vehicle to transport students, and printing student assignments
CE 3337 $50.00 Materials and supplies and future small (not major) equipment
CE 3351 $25.00 Hydrology software, part of the Bentley
CE 3362 $25.00 Structural analysis software as part of Bentley software package
CE 3367 $50.00 Materials and supplies and future small (not major) equipment
CE 4435/5535 $25.00 Hydraulic Design software, part of Bentley software package
CE 4431/5531 $25.00 ANSYS software license
CE 4481 $80.00 ANSYS software license (undergraduate Finite Element Methods class)
CE 4496B $50.00 Engineering lab software, printing reports, etc.
CE 6665 $80.00 ANSYS software license
ENVE 4409/5509 $50.00 Chemicals & consumables
ENVE 4499/5599 $60.00 Chemicals & consumables
ENVE 6611 $50.00 Chemicals & consumables


Application for Admission to the Capstone Design Sequence