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Covid-19 Professional Development Courses

Please make sure you read the entire page below including the course instructions and the pre-approval document. The majority of answers can be found on this page. If you still have questions after reading this page, please email or call 208-282-4838.

Important Information

Teachers who have learned new skills, changed lesson plans, rearranged classroom learning, learned or used new technologies, and used other teaching methods during non-contract hours to adapt to Covid-19 standards can earn up to 24 professional development credits (our courses are graduate level, non-degree, semester credits) through Idaho State University. To earn all 24 credits, register for all 12 courses or choose any combination of the credit options listed below. You do not have to complete the courses in order. Please note that we do not offer refunds, so please ensure that your state/district will accept these credits before registering (see 'Pre-Approval Information' below).

The Changing the Way I Teach and Learning Six Feet Apart courses will be transcribed as Fall 2021. The ABC's of a Covid Classroom and the Modifying K-12 Education courses will be transcribed as Spring 2022.

If you have already completed a set of courses, time logs and evidence must be different than those already submitted for credit. (If you emailed more hours than you needed to for the Fall courses, you may use the excess hours you sent us toward the Spring courses). All courses will be transcribed with different course numbers as seen below. 

To receive your credits, you will email your documentation of hours and the supporting evidence to us. Hours can be counted from February 2020-present for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 courses. For each credit, you should document 15 hours. If you sign up for multiple courses, you can send one email with all hours included. Once registered, you will receive an email within 2-4 days with instructions on where to send the log and supporting evidence or you can Download Course Instructions Here. Once we receive your log(s) and supporting evidence, your grade will post after 5 business days and you can order or view your transcript here at no cost.

Follow These Steps!

Important! It is your responsibility to ensure that our courses will be accepted by your state and/or district for certification renewal and salary advancement. We do not offer refunds and this policy must be acknowledged when you register. 

1. Register for the courses/credits you need (Note: 15 hours of clock time is required to be recorded on a log, with supporting evidence, per semester credit).

2. Download Course Instructions Here.

3. Request your transcript after 5 days of sending in your logs and evidence. It can take up to 5 business days for all your grades and credits to appear on your transcript after you send your logs and evidence (some courses may get graded/credit awarded before others!). 

Registration Links

Note: To register for multiple or all 12 courses, click here to download instructions to use the cart feature.
*All courses listed below are still open

Pre-Approval Information

The deadline to register and submit your logs for Fall 2021 Covid courses has been extended to May 31, 2022.
The deadline to register and submit your logs for Spring 2022 Covid courses is May 31, 2022.


For seeking pre-approval, please see this attached syllabus/grading rubric/course number list. Our courses are graduate level, non-degree, semester credits and will be transcribed on an official Idaho State University professional development transcript once graded. The transcript key will indicate that these are graduate courses. Check with YOUR State Department of Education and local school district to make sure they will accept credits from ISU (accredited public university). Note: The Idaho State Department of Education accepts Idaho State University transcripted credits and does not require pre-approval.

Pre-approval numbers for Changing the Way I teach are EDUC 5598P-41100 (1 credit course), EDUC 5598P-41101 (2 credit course), and EDUC 5598P-41102 (3 credit course). Pre-approval numbers for Learning Six Feet Apart are EDUC 5598P-41097 (1 credit course), EDUC 5598P-41098 (2 credit course), and EDUC 5598P-41099 (3 credit course). Pre-approval numbers for ABC's of a Covid Classroom are EDUC 5598P-41194 (1 credit course), EDUC 5598P-41195 (2 credit course), and EDUC 5598P-41196 (3 credit course). Pre-approval numbers for Modifying K-12 Education are EDUC 5598P-41197 (1 credit course), EDUC 5598P-41198 (2 credit course), and EDUC 5598P-41199 (3 credit course).

If you are still interested in earning more credits from Idaho State University, please see our online self-paced courses

For more information or questions please visit our FAQ or contact The Albion Center at or 208-282-4838