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A message from the Dean

Hello COE Students,

I wanted to take a moment to let each of you know that the faculty, staff, and administration in the College of Education are thinking about you and all you are doing to continue to advance toward your goals of completing courses, earning your grades and degree or certification, and graduating.  As you know by now, ISU Commencement has been canceled for this spring, but all graduates are invited to participate in a future Commencement. We also know that you are working hard to keep yourselves, your loved ones, and the rest of safe during this unprecedented global event. I read a piece a while ago that was trying to identify the silver lining in this pandemic.  It noted that we are now reconnecting with family members, families are sitting down at the dinner table in the evening and recognizing the strength of family.  It also recognized the value we place on our friends and social connections, particularly that so many have been interrupted. There is a good chance that we may all emerge from this experience for the better.  

I also want to address a rumor that is circulating regarding COE grading practices resulting from our transition to a complete distance-delivery format.  Please be advised that we are not changing our grading practices. The grading format described in the Undergraduate or Graduate catalog and on the course syllabus you received at the start of the semester is the grading scale we will use for all classes this semester.  If the course used a letter grade before (A, B, C, D, or F); that is the grading scale that will be used this semester. If the course is designed to provide a binary grade (Pass/Fail; Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, etc.); that is the grading format that will be used this semester. Other programs, colleges, or universities may be doing something different, but we are sticking with our standard grading practices.

To that end, it is important that you continue to do your best work, despite the change in delivery method. If this pandemic is revealing anything about us, it is showing us that there are only two things we can control in life; our attitude and our effort.  Students in the College of Education have a long tradition of providing the best of both of these. We do not expect this to change simply because we have transitioned to distance delivery. We expect your best and are confident that we will get it.

I realize this is a particularly stressful time for you, your peers, and your families and loved ones.  Please know that we are all dedicated to your success and stand ready to help in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to contact me or any of our faculty or staff if you feel we can help or support you in some way. 

There are about four weeks left in this semester, so I urge you to stay healthy, stay safe, and continue to give your best attitude and effort. 


Interim Dean, College of Education