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Idaho State University

University Health High School

ISU’s University Health High School (UHHS) offers students an opportunity to learn more about various careers in health professions. After exploring the site, students can register for early college dual-credit courses identified by ISU as prerequisites to health profession programs.

Course Information

UHHS Spring 2020 Course Information and Registration Instructions


CSD 2205 Introduction to Communication Differences and Disorders (3 credits)

Survey of speech, hearing, and language disorders, including study of the development of speech. Observations, films and assigned readings serve as illustrations of the various communication problems. This course satisfies requirements in the department of Communication Sciences & Disorders This course is only offered in the spring

HCA 1110 Introduction to the Allied Health Professions (3 credits)

This course is an introduction to the health professions, and the U.S. health system in which these professions function. The course is designed for students interested in exploring and assessing the health professions for potential future careers. Students in HCA 1110 will be encouraged to assess their own personal motivations, qualities, and aptitude with regard to a range of career choices in the health professions. HCA 1110 will also provide important knowledge about the U.S. health system that will benefit students as health system stakeholders and future professionals.

This course satisfies requirements for the following departments: Communication Sciences & Disorders and Radiographic Sciences

HCA 2210 Medical Terminology and Communication (2 credits)

This web-based course is intended to be an introduction to the language of a medical vocabulary system. It includes structure, recognition, analysis, definition, spelling, pronunciation, and combination of medical terms from prefixes, suffixes, roots, and combining forms. Students will complete their workbook, study the terms and word parts, and take tests online.

This course satisfies requirements for the following departments: Health and Nutrition Sciences, Nursing and Radiographic Sciences

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