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Inspiring Others Through Storytelling



The Idaho Food Bank gives a shoutout to our Nutrition and Dietetics students volunteer work! Check out their pic featured on the Idaho Food Bank website and see the latest information on the Thanksgiving Distribution volunteer information!

Club members of Phi U donate funds to Pocatello food bank

The 2022 Phi U Professional Project was "Inspiring Others Through FCS Storytelling." Club members told the story of child food insecurity in our community by raising awareness about the BackPack Program. After interviewing school coordinators of the Backpack Program, they used their stories to describe the program's impact and inspire others to donate to the food bank. Club members then created flyers and social media posts with quotes from the coordinators about the benefits of the program and the positive impact on food insecure children.

They set a goal to raise funds to donate 100 backpacks ($675). Club members organized a raffle, set up booths at the ISU Health Fair and the Food Truck-a-Palooza, asked friends and family to donate, posted flyers in the community, and spread the word through social media outlets. They presented a check for $2,000 to the Eastern branch of the Idaho Foodbank to support the Backpack Program. 

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