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Thesis Research

Class of 2017

Norma Burke: "Brief Interprofessional Training to Improve Medical-Dental Collaboration for Children's Oral Healthcare in a Health Center: A Pilot Study"

Tiffany Clark: "Idaho Dentists' Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Dental Hygiene Workforce Models"

Kathren Diamond: "Use of Social Media for Out-of-Class Communication To Enhance Learning: A Pilot Study of Entry Level Dental Hygiene Programs"

Sarah Lemich: "Texas Dental Hygienists' Readiness to Screen for Intimate Partner Violence"

Jessica Luebbers: "Physicians perceptions of the role of the dental hygienist in interprofessional collaboration: A pilot study"

Janice Murray: "Core Competency Development Using a Delphi Technique for a Master of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene in Canada"

Jana Pierce: "An exploratory study of the knowledge, perceptions, confidence levels, and practices of oral implantology"

Karensa Schascheck: "The Impact of an Educational Intervention on Oral Health Literacy, Attitudes and Behaviors of Parents with Children at High Risk of Early Childhood Caries" 

Kelly Schroeder: "The Oral Health Status of Wisconsin Farmers and the Need for Patient Activation: A Pilot Study"

Kristen Stephens: "California dental hygienists; knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding polypharmacy and off-label drugs"

Anna Teeters: "Educational and Practical Experiences of Dental and Dental Hygiene students of local anesthesia in California"

Catherine Wilson: "Head and Neck Flexion Among Dental Hygiene Students and Clinical Faculty Using Two Types of Loupes: A Comparative Study"

Class of 2016

Keiko Ogami: "Oral Health Behaviours and Attitudes among Japanese Immigrants in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada"

Monica Colleen Stephenson: "Idaho Adults’ Perceptions of Oral Cancer Screenings"

Wendy Rachelle Williams: "An Evaluation of a School-Based Sealant Program"

Class of 2015

Karissa Clark: "Oral Health of Elderly Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Qualitative Study Examining Barriers, Solutions, Policies, Rules and Regulations"

Deborah L. Johnson: "A Study of Nutrition in Entry-Level Dental Hygiene Education"

Michelle Smith: "Leadership in Degree-Completion Programs--A Study Comparing Stand-Alone Leadership Courses versus Leadership-Infused Curricula"

Monika Alcorn: "The Antibacterial Effects of Silver Nitrate on Oral Biofilm"

Angie Bailey:"Oral Health Training and Interprofessional Education in Family Medicine and Pediatric Residency"

Leciel Bono:"Effects of a Legislative Advocacy Educational Unit on Dental Hygiene Students' and Alumni"

Lillian Bowen:"Developing an Oral Health Referral System"

Courtney Perrachione:"Visualization of the Oropharynx during Head and Neck Cancer Examinations"

Lisa Joy Santiago:"Dental Hygiene Faculty Calibration to Enhance Inter-Rater Reliability with Calculus Detection: A Pilot Study"

Victoria Martin:"The Relationship Between Educational Mock Boards and Clinical Board Examinations"

LaNae Rodgerson:"Social Presence in Online Graduate Dental Hygiene Education"

Class of 2014

Allison Cahoon: "A Survey of Dental Hygiene Collaborative Practice in New Mexico and Minnesota"

Vicki Dodge: "A Faculty Development Program to Enhance Dental Hygiene Distance Education: A Pilot Study"

Sandra Wilkie: "A Comparative Assessment of Volunteerism among Dental Hygienists: The Relationship Between a Practice Act Incentive, Behaviors, Perceptions, and Motivational Orientations"

Bethany Bewley: "The Role of the Dental Hygienist in Screening for Sleep Apnea"

Julia Forsmark: "Dental Hygiene Students' Knowledge of Human Papillomavirus and Its' Relation to Oropharyngeal Cancer"

Tonette Hollingsworth: "Oral Health Outcomes Following a Pediatric Preventive Oral Health Pilot Program in Montana"

Jacqueline Juhl: "Geographic Comparisons of Washington State Non-Traumatic Dental Complaint Emergency Department Patients"

Christine Rogers: New York State Dental Hygienists' Perceptions of a Baccalaureate Degree as the Entry-Level Degree Required for Practice"

Class of 2013

Catherine Beebe: "Educational Technology for the Millennial Dental Hygiene Student"
During her academic tenure at ISU, Ms. Beebe was the recipient of the ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarship for Students Pursuing Academic Careers.

Lisa Belt: "Impact of Adjunctive Techniques in Oral Cancer Screenings on Motivation to Quit Tobacco Use"
Ms. Belt was selected to represent the Graduate Program as part of the DENTSPLY/ADHA Graduate Dental Hygiene Research Program and presented a poster presentation at the ADHA Annual Session in June.

Mary Bossart: "HbA1c Chairside Screening for Diabetes in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis"
Ms. Bossart's research was presented during the poster presentation session at the ADHA Annual Session in June.

Nichole Dicke: "A Survey of Clinical Faculty Calibration in Dental Hygiene Programs"

Sandra Miles: "Integration of Client Self-Care Commitment Model in a Dental Hygiene Curriculum"

Nancy Sherrill: "Families' Perceptions of Oral Health Care for Long-Term Care Residents"
Ms. Sherrill distinguished herself as the 2013 Outstanding Student Award Master Candidate for the Division of Health Sciences.

Class of 2012

Lisa Welch: "Knowledge Level of Undergraduate College Students About the Transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Via Oral Sexual Contact"

* In light of Ms. Welch's exemplary research efforts, she was selected to receive the 2012 ISU Division of Health Sciences Outstanding Student Researcher Award. This award was established to recognize graduates who have excelled in leadership, research, and clinical practice and was presented to Ms. Welch by Dr. Linda Hatzenbuehler on May 4, 2012 at the Division of Health Sciences 2012 Award Reception.

Patricia Wintch: "Executive Director's Knowledge, Perceptions, and Roles Regarding Provision of Oral Health Care to Long-Term Care Facility Residents"

Elena Francisco: "Dental Hygienist's Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Behaviors Regarding Caries Risk Assessment and Management"

*The Idaho State University Division of Health Sciences awarded the Jeffrey A. Bartlome Memorial Research Grant to Elena Francisco at the Idaho Conference on Health Care on Oct. 21.

Class of 2011

Carol Amerine: "An Intervention to Improve Oral Hygiene of Residents in Long-term Care Facilities"

Sara Beres: "The Role of the Dental Hygienist on the Cleft Palate Team"

Merri Jones: "Interdisciplinary Approach to Care: The Role of the Dental Hygienist on the Pediatric Feeding Team"

Lisa Moravec: "Precision Grip Strength in Dental Hygiene Students"

Rebecca Tranmer: "National Survey of Oncology Teams' Knowledge, Education, and Management of Oral Cancer in Cancer Therapy"

Class of 2010

Brooke Agado: "Effects of Two Methods of Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy (NSPT) on Health-Related Quality of Life and Illness for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial"

Heather Hessheimer: "Use of Questioning in a Dental Hygiene Didactic Course"

Karen Portillo: "Current Status of Degree Completion Programs in Dental Hygiene Education"

Class of 2009

Lidia Brion-Silva: "A Comparison of Dental Ultrasonic Technologies on Subgingival Calculus Removal: A Pilot Study"

*The Idaho State University Division of Health Sciences awarded the Jeffrey A. Bartlome Memorial Research Grant to Lidia Brion-Silva at the Idaho Conference on Health Care in 2009.

Ann Wetmore: "Use of Reflective Blogs to Promote Critical Thinking in Dental Hygiene Students"

Class of 2008

Tanae Nelson: "The Explanatory Model of Mexican American Mothers' Perception of Dental Decay"

*The Idaho State University Division of Health Sciences awarded the Jeffrey A. Bartlome Memorial Research Grant to Tanae Nelson at the Idaho Conference on Health Care in 2008. 

Class of 2007

Sarah Jackson: "An Evidence-Based Self-Assessment Education Module for Dental Hygiene Curricula"


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