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Student Testimonials



Alum Zachariah Mulberry, Class of 2019

Zachariah Mulberry
Recipient of the Benjamin J. Gilman scholarship from the State Department of Education, Beverly Bistline Theatre/Dance Scholarship, ISU Junior/senior scholarship
Studied abroad through the International Exchange Program to complete a semester in Plymouth, England. 
"My experience at ISU was filled with opportunities that were enhanced by the resources of the school, size of the program, and available scholarships. The intimate size of the dance program proved to be a strength because of the one-on-one instruction and guidance I received from my professors. The access to beautiful facilities and multiple performance spaces, supported my interest in performing and my individual creative explorations. Through several scholarship opportunities, I was not only able to dedicate more time to my studies and less time to work, but also was able to study abroad in my final semester. My journey at ISU allowed me to pursue creative modes of practice, increase my understanding of theory and its practical applications, and honed my technical ability as a mover.”

Alum Aaron Peite, Class of 2018

Aaron Peite

Recipient of multiple scholarships for performance and choreography


“The dance program at Idaho State University allowed me to find my voice as a dancer and choreographer and also pushed me technically and artistically to become an adaptable mover. More than anything I value the sense of community in the dance program. Working alongside my fellow classmates and so closely with my professors really allowed for a more personal experience that I don't believe I would have received anywhere else.”

Alum Ashley Sandau, Class of 2017

Ashley Sandau

National Honors Society of Dance Arts
Currently working as a dance educator at College of Southern Idaho


“Being involved in Idaho State University’s Dance program not only helped me develop a stronger sense of becoming, but opened up a whole new awareness of self. I have been inspired to take bigger risks in my art form and have unlocked many more possibilities within my future career. I am so thankful for the faculty…a faculty that not only invests their time, but opens their hearts, all to ensure we are gifted with the knowledge we seek.”

Student Emmanuelle Chavez, Class of 2022

Emmanuel Chavez

Scholarship recipient
Received the highest accolades from the Northwest Regional American College Dance Festival for his solo performance To the Core (choreographed by fellow student Amanda Stubblefield). This work was considered for presentation at the world-renowned Jacob’s Pillow Summer Dance Festival 2018.


Alum Amanda Stubblefield, Class of 2019

Amanda Stubblefield



“ISU Dance has opened up an entirely new world of creative investigation which has allowed me to successfully present my work as an emerging choreographer, inspired me to take more risks as a performing artist, and led to an overall increase in self-awareness and confidence.”