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Careers in Dance

A career in dance requires extraordinary discipline, tenacity, dedication and excellent training.

Training in Dance from ISU may lead to professional careers in dance and theater performance and choreography. It may also serve as a basis for graduate study or open up possibilities to job opportunities in fields such as:

  • costume and makeup design
  • light design
  • set and stage design
  • sound design
  • dance history
  • dance medicine and science
  • dance and physical therapy
  • somatic practices
  • performance studies
  • dance ethnology
  • dance arts writing
  • research and criticism
  • dance photography and videography

At ISU, we offer coursework in teaching dance in K-12 settings and as well as provide sound pedagogical and entrepreneurial training for those planning to open their own dance studio or those considering incorporating into a not-for-profit arts organization.

Related fields, such as arts administration, arts therapies, production and company management and music also offer positions for the individual trained in dance.