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Idaho State University

Welcome to ISU Dance!

The Dance Program at ISU offers many options for any student who is interested in exploring dance as a creative practice and art form. Through diverse course offerings, students of any experience level, can explore a variety of dance styles, conditioning practices, and critical theory courses to experience the many benefits of dance.

Students can expect to broaden and deepen their understanding of the various theoretical, historical, therapeutic, aesthetic and cultural functions of dance. Within a holistic framework, students experience not only the vast physical and health benefits associated with dance, but are also learning transferrable skills related to critical thinking, mindfulness, creative problem solving, interpersonal communication skills, interdisciplinary collaborations, and cross-cultural explorations.


Dance Program Objectives

Students have an opportunity to become involved with the dance program on multiple levels. At any level of involvement, students can expect opportunities to:

  • Build a lifelong engagement with the art of dance
  • Develop technical and artistic skills in a variety of contemporary and traditional dance forms.
  • Perform in a variety of venues in traditional theatre settings, experimental theatre, site-specific work and community outreach.
  • Explore interdisciplinary collaborations across campus and in the community.
  • Work with diverse guest artists and scholars
  • Through specific coursework, students will:
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the elements of movement to analyze, describe and creatively manipulate movement and develop competency in the craft of improvisation and choreography;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of dance as a cultural, sociological, historical, and aesthetic phenomena, discipline and expression;
    • Demonstrate critical reading and writing skills that examine the performing arts as reflective and reflexive of culture;
    • Make connections with self and healthy living by developing a working knowledge of basic anatomy, kinesiology, somatic practices, injury prevention and nutrition;
    • Demonstrate the skill of performance and the craft of choreography through participation in faculty and student productions;
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the art and science of teaching dance;
    • Use technology to preserve and/or broaden the making of dance art;
    • Acquire a background in the business of the art such as company management, production, grant writing, and entrepreneurial pursuits


Scholarship Information

Scholarship opportunities are available for ISU dance majors and minors with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Scholarship auditions/portfolio reviews are held annually. After that time, some scholarships may be awarded on an availability basis.

Students should visit the ISU Scholarship Office for additional scholarship opportunities.

Other financial aid options, including general scholarships, grants, and loans, are available through the Idaho State University Financial Aid Office.