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Welcome to ISU Dance!

The Dance Program at ISU offers many options for any student who is interested in exploring dance as a creative practice and art form. Through diverse course offerings, students of any experience level, can explore a variety of dance styles, conditioning practices, and critical theory courses to experience the many benefits of dance.

Students can expect to broaden and deepen their understanding of the various theoretical, historical, therapeutic, aesthetic and cultural functions of dance. Within a holistic framework, students experience not only the vast physical and health benefits associated with dance, but are also learning transferrable skills related to critical thinking, mindfulness, creative problem solving, interpersonal communication skills, interdisciplinary collaborations, and cross-cultural explorations.


Mission Statement

ISU offers a BA in Dance Studies for those students interested in areas of performance, choreography, dance education, dance criticism/scholarship, and the therapeutic aspects of dance and movement arts. Through our unique program, students can explore their specific areas of interest, while broadening their understanding of dance as a collaborative art form. The dance program at ISU strives to:

  • provide an environment where individuality and creativity are nurtured within a supportive community
  • encourage collaboration and interdisciplinary opportunities
  • foster thinking artists who can contribute to the global community through curiosity and innovation
  • engage students in an ongoing process of discovery and critical engagement with their embodied and creative practices
  • provide individualized guidance and a holistic approach to the study of dance and movement arts
  • prepare students for work as performing artists, choreographers, educators, scholars, critics, studio owners, consultants, as well as pursuit of graduate studies, certification programs, and arts administration opportunities