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Idaho State University

ALEKS Math Placement Test

For first-time ALEKS test takers who are ISU students or who have applied to ISU, the ALEKS Math Placement test is offered free of charge.  You can take the exam up to 5 times at no cost.  Non-ISU affiliated students and those seeking to take the exam after exhausting their free exams will be charged $20 for the ALEKS test (access to the ALEKS website for up to 5 attempts on the ALEKS test), as well as a $15 cash/check fee per proctored test.

For the first attempt on the ALEKS test, you may take the test either unproctored (not in the testing center) or proctored (in the testing center)*.  However, if the test is taken unproctored, the test taker’s score for the first attempt will not count. *All tests will be done remotely until the testing center is opened.

The ALEKS test is designed to have students practice topics in a Learning Mode between each test.  For more information visit the ALEKS website.

We are currently transitioning to testing with a Lockdown Browswer during the Stay-at Home order. Please call 208-282-4907 between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday and a proctor will provide you with the necessary password and will walk you through the steps to get you started.

ALEKS with Respondus Lockdown Browser

  1. No outside assistance is permitted. Each student has a unique knowledge state that consists of the math topics he/she knows, does not know, and is ready to learn. The ALEKS placement assessment determines the unique knowledge state of each student. The system can then properly place students into a course based on their math abilities. Outside assistance includes getting help from others and from other materials. Other individuals are not to be in the room while you are taking the test.
  2. The webcam and lockdown browser are how students are proctored so the webcam lens must not be covered up or otherwise obscured. It should show the student's face at all times.
  3. No outside calculators are permitted. A calculator icon will appear on the screen when it is allowed to be used. Blank paper and a pen/pencil are allowed for students to work out problems, however.
  4. No use of cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted.

Idaho State University takes academic integrity very seriously and investigates all allegations of academic dishonesty. Integrity is a character-driven commitment to honesty, doing what is right, and guiding others to do what is right. Idaho State University students and faculty are expected to act with integrity in their educational pursuits. Cheating on an academic evaluation or assignment is a violation of the academic integrity policy. If you are found to be in violation of the academic integrity policy, academic sanctions will be imposed.

Once you've begun the Math Placement Assessment, you have three hours to complete it. You cannot save your place and come back to the test. Please allow 24-48 hours for your score to appear on in Bengalweb.

Getting Started (Please read ALL steps)

  • Avoid wearing baseball caps or hats that extend beyond the forehead.
  • If using a notebook computer, place it on a firm surface like a desk or table, not your lap.
  • If the webcam is built into the screen, avoid making screen adjustments after the exam starts. A common mistake is to push the screen back, resulting in only the top portion of the face being recorded.
  • Don't lie down on a couch or bed while taking an exam. There is a greater chance you'll move out of the video frame or change your relative position to the webcam.
  • Don't take an exam in a dark room. If the details of your face don't show clearly during the webcam check, the automated video analysis is more likely to flag you as missing.
  • Avoid backlighting situations, such as sitting with your back to a window. The general rule is to have light in front of your face, not behind your head.
  • Select a distraction-free environment for the exam. Televisions and other people in the room can draw your attention away from the screen. Other people that come into view of the webcam may also trigger flags by the automated system.

*For questions about ALEKS please call 208-282-4907.