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Idaho State University

ALEKS Math Placement Test

*UPDATE- Starting 6/18 we will suspend remote testing for a short time. If you need to take an ALEKS test, please call to schedule a time to come to the testing center. We hope to be able to continue remote testing soon.

For first-time ALEKS test takers who are ISU students or who have applied to ISU, the ALEKS Math Placement test is offered free of charge.  You can take the exam up to 5 times at no cost.  Non-ISU affiliated students and those seeking to take the exam after exhausting their free exams will be charged $20 for the ALEKS test (access to the ALEKS website for up to 5 attempts on the ALEKS test), as well as a $15 cash/check fee per proctored test.

For the first attempt on the ALEKS test, you may take the test either unproctored (not in the testing center) or proctored (in the testing center)*.  However, if the test is taken unproctored, the test taker’s score for the first attempt will not count. 

The ALEKS test is designed to have students practice topics in a Learning Mode between each test.  For more information visit the ALEKS website.

*For questions about ALEKS please call 208-282-4907.