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Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

People who experience sexual violence often feel scared and alone. They may not want to tell anyone because they blame themselves or fear that they won’t be believed. If you have experienced sexual violence it is NOT your fault. You are NOT responsible for another person’s choices or actions. There are helping professionals and resources that can help put the power back into your hands. You have a voice and a choice and you are not alone. 

Any sexual activity needs to be consensual or it can be considered sexual assault. Here is a video that clearly describes the concept of consent.

What You Can Do If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted

In this video, Megan Ostler, MSW student and CALM intern, reviews what you can do if you have been sexually assaulted while a student at ISU. 

Receive Medical Attention

Options for Reporting

Supportive Campus and Community Resources

Additional Resources and Information