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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are provided by Counseling & Testing Service?

What is a crisis?

What do I do if there is a mental health emergency/crisis?

What if I am having thoughts of suicide?

How do I get an appointment at the Counseling Center?

What can I expect from the Assessment & Referral Appointment?

Will anyone know that I came for counseling?

Will my counseling records be part of my academic records?

Is my spouse or partner eligible for services?

What is counseling?

How do I know if I need counseling?

Does it mean that I am "crazy" if I need counseling?

Why was group counseling suggested to me?

My care was transitioned to a provider in the community. Can I see a counselor at ISU instead?

Why was I referred to a community provider but a friend of mine wasn’t?

How much does counseling cost?

Does the Counseling & Testing Service provide supporting documentation for requests to have an emotional support animal?

What if I want more information?

Where should I go to get counseling if I am not a student?

Contact Us


(208) 282-2130
Graveley Hall, South Tower, Room 351

Idaho Falls:
(208) 282-7750
Bennion Student Union Building, 2nd Floor, Room 223

Fall/Spring: M-F 8-5
Summer: M-F 7:30-4

CATS Connections brings individuals together who may benefit from learning and supporting others with similar aspects of identity. Now offering Trans CATS, CATS Spectrum, Rainbow CATS, and CATS International groups for ISU students interested in connecting with others and improving their experience at ISU and in the community.