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Our staff includes licensed psychologists and licensed counselors. Masters and doctoral trainees work under the direct supervision of licensed staff. Below is a list of our current staff in our Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Meridian offices:

Pocatello Counseling & Testing Service

Clinical Staff

  • Rick Pongratz, Ph.D., LPC, Licensed Psychologist; Director
  • Jennifer Miesch, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist; Assistant Director/Clinical Coordinator
  • Kristin Stewart Yates, Ph.D., LCPC; Training Coordinator
  • Matt Ashton, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist; Biofeedback Coordinator
  • Cameron Staley, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist; Group Coordinator
  • Susan MaComb, M.Coun., LCPC; Outreach Coordinator
  • Sally Bodkin, M.Coun., LCPC; Outreach Coordinator
  • Liva Rigney, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
  • Jessica Sellman, M.Coun, LPC; Client Care Coordinator

Part-time Clinical Staff

  • Lindsay Vik, MS, LPC, NCC
  • Cristin Wathen, Ph.D., LPC, NCC
  • Jennifer Rone, LCSW

Administrative Staff

  • Jamie Howerton, M.Coun., LPC; Testing Coordinator
  • Robin Nelson, Administrative Assistant II
  • Ryan Karlson, Administrative Assistant I

Practicum and Intern Providers

  • Matt Torbenson
  • Hannah Siuda
  • Devin McOmber
  • Mosiah Castrejon
  • Makenzie Atwood
  • Ann Bailey

Idaho Falls Counseling & Testing Service

Clinical Staff

  • Blaney Hanvey, M. Coun., LPC-S

Administrative Staff

  • Jennifer Jolley, Administrative Assistant I

Meridian Counseling & Testing Service

Clinical Staff

  • Soni Myers, MS, LCPC, NCC
  • Clifford Rone, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

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