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Recent Research Awards Earned by College of Science and Engineering Faculty (Since July 1, 2020)

Biological Sciences  

Joshua Grinath
RAPID: Ecological Memories and Theory-guided Recovery of Post-fire Steppe
National Science Foundation

Joshua Grinath
Achieving Multi-Purpose Roadside Vegetation: Reducing Weed Invasion and Fire Risk While Enhancing Pollinator Habitat
Idaho Transportation Department

Ken Aho
Bat White-Nose Syndrome Monitoring
US Department of the Interior

Kathleen Lohse
Collaborative Research: Network Cluster: Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry in the Critical Zone
National Science Foundation

Bruce Finney
Hydroclimatic History of South-central Alaska
US Department of the Interior

Rebecca Hale
Collaborative Research Scales and Drivers of Variability in Dissolved Organic Carbon Across Diverse Urban Watersheds
National Science Foundation

Keith Reinhardt
COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Quantifying the Amount and Functional Significance of Stem-stored Water in Trees
National Science Foundation




Rene Rodriguez
Synthesis, Characterization, and Testing of Catalysts
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC

Caryn Evilia
INL-ISU Collaboration LDRD: Improving the Stability and Durability of Aptamer Based Smart-Materials Using Extremophiles. (additional funds)
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC

Andrew Holland
MRI: Acquisition of a 400-MHz NMR Spectrometer at Idaho State University
National Science Foundation



Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mustafa Mashal
Bulk Storage of Hydrogen
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC

Mustafa Mashal
Laboratory Operations Supervisor Academy (LOSA) Pilot Program at Idaho State University
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC



Computer Science

Leslie Kerby
Develop an Effective Artificial Intelligence-based Battery Diagnostic Platform
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC

Paul Bodily
AER R-43127 Proposal: Automating Predictive Maintenance for Energy Efficiency via Machine Learning and IoT Sensors
Avista Corporation




Donna Delparte
Field Trials for an Automated Early-season Potato Virus Y (PVY) Detection System
Idaho State Department of Agriculture

Glenn Thackray
CAMS Sample Analysis
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Sarah Godsey
RII Track-2 FEC: Aquatic Intermittency Effects on Microbiomes in Streams (AIMS) 
National Science Foundation

Ben Crosby
Collaborative Proposal: GOLD-EN EAGER: Promoting Diverse and Inclusive Leadership in the Geosciences
National Science Foundation

Donna Delparte
StateView Program Development and Operations for the State of Idaho

Donna Delparte
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Mapping and Monitor of Golden Eagles and Their Habitat Associated with the NCA/OC
Department of Defense

Sarah Godsey
Pocatello Source Water Protection Grant 
City of Pocatello



Mechanical Engineering

Marco Schoen
Additive Manufacturing Control Infrastructure
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC

Marco Schoen
New Materials and an Efficient Processing Approach for Materials for Harsh Environments - Advanced fabrication and Joining of High-Performance Materials
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC



Nuclear Engineering

Chad Pope
Real-time Simulation and Digital Twins
Studsvik Scandpower, Inc.

Richard Schultz
Characterization of Plenum to Plenum Natural Circulation flows in a High-Temperature Gas Reactor (HTGR)
Department of Energy

Daniel LaBrier
Informative Design of High-Temperature Metal Hydride Moderators in Microreactors
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC

Chad Pope
Idaho State University Support of CAES Nuclear Safeguards and Security Certificate
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC

Chad Pope
Light Water Reactor Sustainability
Battelle Energy Alliance LLC

Amir Ali
A New Control Rod Drive Mechanism Design for ISU GN-201M Reactor
US Department of Energy




Dustin McNulty
Precision Electroweak Probes of Neutron-rich Matter and BSM Physics
National Science Foundation


2021 CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program

Mostafa Fouda - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Polytechnic Initiative
5G Security through Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Andrew Chrysler - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Polytechnic Initiative
5G Security through Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Mustafa Mashal - Department of Civil Engineering 
Dan LaBrier - Department of Nuclear Engineering, Polytechnic Initiative
Innovation in Fission Battery Development and Deployment


CAES Collaboration Program Development Funds Recipients

Amir Ali - Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics
Nuclear Microreactor Heat Pipe Modeling and Simulation Database

Mustafa Mashal - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bruce Savage - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rene Rodriguez - Department of Chemistry
Kavita Sharma - Department of Chemistry, Idaho National Laboratory
Bulk Storage of Hydrogen Energy

Mustafa Mashal - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Radiological Dispersal Device Training

Leslie Kerby - Department of Computer Science
Randomized Computing for Multiphysics Modeling and Simulations