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Thursday, February 21, 2019

9:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Pond Student Union Building

Competition/Interactive Learning Activity Sponsor Registration


Student registration for this event has reached capacity.  Please contact Miriam Dance at to be entered on a waitlist.  If more space opens up, you will be contacted.  


For the first time, middle school and junior high school students will have their own Bengal STEM Day.  With this new event, we will be trying a new format as well. The new format will make it easier to ensure that students are in scheduled activities, reduce repetition when students return to Bengal STEM Day, and create an opportunity for activities to go deeper with learning opportunities.  



9:00 Teacher check-in
9:30 - 10:15 Session 1 of STEM classes and activities
10:30 - 11:15 Session 2 of STEM classes and activities
11:30-12:00 Session 1 of lunch or science show
12:15-12:45 Session 2 of lunch or science show
1:00-1:30 Competitions award announcements 


Students will register for a class/activity for each of the first two sessions.  After the first two activity sessions, there will be two sessions where students will rotate between lunch and a science show; students will pre-register for these sessions as well.  Finally, students will gather for awards announcements. It's not necessary to attend award announcements if time constraints make it difficult to stay.


Registration by February 7, 2019 is required for all attendees. Space may be limited, so plan to register early. Once a class or activity is full it will no longer be open for registration.  Free lunch tickets for your group will be based on the information provided in the registration form.  

A limited number of transportation scholarships, up to $300, are available by application.  Scholarships sponsored by ON Semiconductor. To learn more, email Miriam Dance at



Below is a list of contests in which students can participate (click on each contest to see the rules). Preregistration is required to participate in all competitions.

Competitions that require students to design and create an entry ahead of time to bring to Bengal STEM Day include the mousetrap car, Popsicle stick bridge.  The egg rocket competition requires students to build their rocket at Bengal STEM Day and all supplies will be provided at the event.  

Carefully follow the rules for each competition to avoid disqualification. No more than four students per team for each competition. Please note: Some competitions set a lower limit for team sizes, so please check competition rules for team size requirements. Make sure the competition rules teams follow have Bengal STEM Day 2019 noted in the heading.


Competition Rules


The above competitions will receive prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


Interactive Learning Activities 

Bengal STEM Day includes a variety of interactive learning opportunities which allow students to actively engage in science and engineering activities.  The current list of activites is below, however, there may be additions coming soon.

  • Engineering Tall Towers with the Idaho National Laboratory

Build a structure to withstand a 6.0 earthquake.  Towers will be tested on an earthquake simulator shaker table.

  • Waterworks - Engineering Pipelines with A&E Engineering

Learn about the engineering behind the design of pipelines then build your own pipeline.

  • Dyeing and Smelling to Know:  Seeing and Smelling Chemistry

Interactive activities involving dyes and scents and their chemistry.

  • Star Trek Simulation

Be a part of the flight crew for a simulated space adventure.

  • Programming with Lego Robots

Come learn the basics of Python programming to make robots accomplish fun challenges.

  • Cyber Physical Security
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Electronics and Instrumentation
  • Idaho Museum of Natural History Museum - Behind the Scences

Tour the exhibits and get a behind the scenes look at how exhibits are built, including seeing how the 3D printer creates exhibit pieces.  

  • Platonic solids, patterns in number series.  

Build structures and examine their properties; observe patterns in numerical sequences.

  • 4D Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table

See how 4D virtual technololgy is used for anatomy and physiology dissections.