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Larry Leibrock

Larry Leibrock

Ph.D - Clinical Associate Professor

(208) 282-3194


Larry Leibrock, Ph.D. DA, MBA is a US Army combat veteran and former US Government Intelligence Officer. He served in air cavalry, Special Forces, and airborne infantry assignments in the US, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He was selected to join the USG AFPAK HANDS and IRAN CADRE programs. Larry has broad knowledge, skills, and field experience in crime scene exploitation, digital forensics investigations, and cyber threat intelligence reporting. Larry has training and certifications in a broad range of intelligence, forensics, and data mining tools. He has been involved in digital forensics investigations ranging from GPS devices to super-computers. He has provided expert testimony in administrative, civil and criminal cases in both the US and international settings. He has taught forensics tradecraft and cyber-security topics to professionals in the US Government, allied forces, and university students. He has taught at University of Texas, Emory, Center of Disease Control, US Army War College, Monterrey Tech, Harvard University, Helsinki School of Economics and National Intelligence University. He has authored peer-reviewed publications dealing with case development for cyber-security and digital forensics. He presently serves as a member of the Idaho State University College of Science and Engineering faculty.