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Welcome to the webpage for the ISU ACM Chapter. We are a student organization here at ISU dedicated to helping prepare computer science students to enter the workforce and as they study computer science at ISU. We meet regularly to plan new events, recruit new people, and reach out to local businesses for tours and advice.

Our Mission

The mission of ACM at ISU is to prepare undergraduate and graduate students in the computer science program for their careers. We strive to increase the number of tools you have so you feel more comfortable completing a task in the real world. ACM is whatever you make it, so get involved, be vocal, and enjoy it along the way!

Spring 2019 Events

This semester we're going to hold an event and a meeting per week. Events including workshops and speakers will be Mondays from 3-4 pm. ACM club planning meetings will be on Tuesdays from 4-5pm. If you have any ideas or ways that you would like to see the students get involved, members can bring their ideas forward here. 
Both events and meetings will occur in BA 211 and will start tomorrow at 4pm with the planning meeting. More news for the first meeting will be put out later this week.
  • Monday February, 25 - Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering and Measurement

    A brief lecture and workshop on how the scientific method is used within the confines of computer science and software engineering and the differences in these approaches. Attendees will then learn how to utilize this in their daily practice working in the field. Additionally they will learn why the application of these approaches matters.


President: Melissa Coblentz

Vice-president: Thomas McCarthy

Treasurer: Thomas McCarthy

Faculty Advisor: Isaac Griffith


We are currently looking for more students who wish to take an active role in ACM leadership.