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Changing a Master Degree Program

Graduate students in the Master of Counseling degree program can change tracks, and may do so for a variety of reasons. Examples include, but are not limited to: changes in career interests, or shifts in circumstances. The goal of these procedures is to ensure that when students propose such a change, that the process a) is consistent with the requirements of the university’s graduate school and with the requirements for entry into the Master of Counseling degree as they are applied to program applicants in general, b) results in fair, consistent and timely decisions, and c) contributes to maintenance of high standards of performance for Counseling graduate students and helps ensure student success.

Procedures and guidelines:

  1. If a student desires to change their degree track, they may follow the procedures described below.
  2. To initiate a change in degree program application, the student should have consulted with their advisor and advisory committee, then should submit a statement of intent and request outlining their motivation and justification to the departmental graduate committee, as well as a copy of their current graduate transcript. In addition, a statement from the faculty member who would serve as the student’s advisor(s) in their new degree program, and a letter from the Department of Counseling chair in support (or not) of said request should be submitted. Finally, the student should fill out the “Change of Program Request” form with their portion of the form completed.
  3. The departmental graduate committee will review the student’s original application file, along with the supplementary documents described above, and will arrive at a decision.
  4. The decision of the Department of Counseling graduate committee will be forwarded as a recommendation to the Dean of the College of Health Professions and to the Graduate School. This recommendation will be accompanied by the “Change of Program Request” form signed by the Chair of the Counseling program.
  5. A representative of the graduate school will inform the student, their advisor and the Department of Counseling program chair and responsible office staff member of the final decision. Note—the decision is not final until this step occurs. Advisors or members of the departmental graduate committee should not inform the student of any decision prior to this step. The final, signed form and response by graduate school should be included in the student’s file in the Department of Counseling.

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