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For Wellness Wednesday, doctoral students Brianne Scott and Olivia Ngadjui presented "Understanding Healthy Relationships." The focus of this presentation was on the qualities of healthy relationships and how this may present in both personal and professional settings. Topics of this presentation include the discussion of boundaries, communication styles, and cultural considerations.
Doctoral Students
Tyler Kerns, third year master student in Meridian, Idaho, will be presenting three sessions at the Mental Health Crisis Workshop on February 23, 2019. The workshop will be at the Kootenai Health Resource Center in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Dr. Christian Chan recently published a journal article entitled "Ten Strategies to Intentionally Use Group Work to Transform Hate, Facilitate Courageous Conversations, and Enhance Community Building" in The Journal for Specialists in Group Work with Dr. Lorraine J. Guth, Dr. Brittany L. Pollard, Dr. Amy Nitza, Dr. Ana Puig, Dr. Anneliese A. Singh, and Hopeton Bailey.
ISU Department of Counseling faculty member, Dr. Leslie Stewart, has been invited to speak once again at the biennial Pet Partners Conference and to participate in a pre-conference interdisciplinary professional summit as a content expert in the feild of counseling.

Dr. Stewart will be presenting on the topic of Animal Assisted Crisis Response (AACR), but there will be many, many more experts from mental health and other helping professions talking about a wide variety of topics. Besides Dr. Stewart and the other members of the Pet Partners Board, veterinarians, and Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT), the conference will host content experts and organizational representatives from the following organizations:

American Counseling Association

American Psychological Association

American Occupational Therapy Association

National Association of Social Workers

American Physical Therapy Association

Aging Life Care Association

The Gerontological Society of America

International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO)

International Society of Anthrozoology (ISAZ)

Information on the conference, including registration, can be found here:

For questions or more information, please contact Dr. Stewart directly at

Dr. Christian Chan recently published a journal article entitled "Navigating Intersectional Approaches, Methods, and Interdisciplinarity to Health Equity in LGBTQ+ Communities" in the Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling with Dr. Rachel K. Henesy. The link to the recent journal article publication is below.


'CANNOT CANCEL CIVIL RIGHTS': Martin Luther King Day ISU March!

The keynote speaker was Olivia Ngadjui, Department of Counseling doctoral student. Olivia's speech was “Reinvigorating The Beloved Community”. To see Olivia's full speech: Olivia Ngadjui MLK Keynote Speech and presentation video.

Student speaking


Department Co-host for the event was our own doctoral student Lindsdale Graham.

Doc Student at MLK event

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Chan and Dr. Amanda C. DeDiego.

They were selected for the Chi Sigma Iota Excellence in Counseling Research Grant for their research study "Exploring the Experiences of Counselor Education Doctoral Students in Counseling Leadership Development Programs".

Camille Frank, Doctoral Student, presented with the 2019 International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC) Student Practitioner Award

Ms. Frank is a current doctoral student in the Counselor Education program at Idaho State University. She demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to professional excellence, professional service, social justice, and advocacy and highly values creative systems-based approaches in all of her professional endeavors and roles. Having already established herself as a competent and sought-after family and couple trauma clinician in her community, she is actively working towards creating a scholarly line of inquiry to support trauma-informed counselor education and trauma-informed public/systems advocacy. In this way, Ms. Frank continues to refine her already highly skilled work with client survivors of trauma, who often represent members of marginalized identities. She has been instrumental in developing a line of scholarship and practice by spreading the mission of IAMFC and professional counselors through reifying lived experiences of marginalization, lifting the voices of historically marginalized communities, and developing a significant strengths-based, creative, and humanistic approach in counselor education, supervision, and counseling, specifically with marriage, couple, and family modalities.

Doctoral Student

Congratulations to award recipients at the 2018 Idaho Counseling Association (ICA) Super Conference

Supervisors of the Year: Rebecca Chidester for Pocatello and Micah Crawford in Meridian.

ICA Scholarship: Isabel Palmer, first year master student-Meridian

Advocate “Pass It On” Baton Award: Jehan Hill, MEd, LPC, doctoral student-Pocatello

Volunteer Service “Wing Award”: Kristen Lister, PhD, LPC, Clinical Assistant Professor and Professional Development Workshop Coordinator Counseling


Presentations by the faculty, doctoral and master students:

 Camille Frank, LPC, NCC, Timothy Hakenewerth, Ed.S., LPC, NCC, William Lane, LPC, NCC

(Ethics) Is Age Is Just A Number? Ethical Exploration of the Many Identities of Elder Clients

A focus on life stage is only part of supporting older adults as they persevere across the lifespan. This presentation aims to explore and identify appropriate interventions across the wide range of intersecting identities elders carry including sexual identity, race, socioeconomic status, disability status, and gender.

Steve Moody, PHD, LPC, NCC, and Tessa Price, MA, LCPC

Fundamentals of Supervision

Clinical supervision is a vital role counselors fill in practice. Supervision is focused on the development of the counselor, protection of the clients being served, and maintaining a strong profession through ethical practice and gatekeeping. This workshop satisfies the 15 hours of training required to become a Registered Supervisor (IDAPA rule

Camille Frank, LPC, NCC, Timothy Hakenewerth, Ed.S., LPC, NCC

Advanced Supervision Training

This presentation is designed for those who wish to be credentialed supervisors or have been working in the field as credentialed supervisors. The aim is to address ethical concerns in the context of advanced supervision as well as advanced models such as systems-based approach and trauma informed supervision.

Timothy Hakenewerth, ED.S., LPC, NCC, Jehan Hill, M.ED., LPC, Leslie Stewart, PHD, LPC

Esas in Depth: Understanding the Risks, Benefits, Opportunities, and Challenges of Emotional Support Animals

This presentation will give an in-depth understanding of the various helper animals that counselors may encounter, and focus on the growing presence of emotional support animals (ESAs) in the mental health profession. Presenters will outline risks and benefits of ESAs and give recommendations when receiving requests for letters of support.

Beverly Hines, MS in Clinical/Counseling Psychology

“I’m In The Playroom With A Client...Now What?” The Nuts And Bolts Of Child-Centered Play Therapy Increasing clinician confidence and competence in conducting child-centered play therapy (CCPT) is the focus of this workshop. Virginia Axline’s eight principles of play therapy and multiple CCPT techniques will be taught through instruction, video demonstration, and practice exercises

Camille Frank, LPC, NCC

Relational Cultural Theory in Therapeutic Action

Relational Cultural Theory (RCT) is of increasing relevance for counselors, counselor educators and supervisors. Our presentation seeks to educate on the core tenets of RCT as an explanatory paradigm and illustrate practical uses for use with clients.

Poster Presentations

Using Collaborative-Dependent Consultations to Provide Mental Health Training for the K-12 Community

Rebekah Hood, Idaho State University

Importance of Integrating Trauma-Informed Competencies and Affirmative Practices When Counseling Transgender Clients

Brandon Holmes and Ashley Rohrbach, Idaho State University


Rocky Moutain Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Awards and Presentations

Congratulations to our Doctoral Students:

Jehan Hill recieved the Supervision Award. The RMACES Supervision award honors a counseling supervisor or supervision researcher who exemplifies excellence, innovation, and impact in clinical supervision.

Sarah Baquet and Katie Muirhead received the Emerging Leaders Award

Edson Andrade, Camille Frank, Lindsdale Graham, Olivia Ngadjui, Katie Sacco and Brianne Scott received the Student Volunteers Award, and

Second year doctoral students, Camille Frank, Tim Hakenewerth, William Lane, and Tessa Price received the RMACES Research Grant Award-Student Category.

The RMACES Research Grant Award-Professional Catelgory went to Jade L.H. Letourneau (ISU alumni), Christian D. Chan (ISU faculty), and Brandon J. Wilde (ISU alumni).

Presentations by faculty and students:

Critical Pedagogy: Implications for Counselor Educators - Sarah Baquet, M.S. & Jehan Hill, M.Ed.

Critical Pedagogical foundations align with the nature and values of the counseling profession and the movement towards student-centered learning. This session will focus on the roles of CE and the importance of creating an environment suitable for critical reflection and honesty, reflexive and dialectical thinking, praxis and classroom engagement.

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: A Consultative, Collaborative Dialogue Raissa Miller, Ph.D. & Christian Chan, Ph.D.

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) is a contemporary qualitative approach grounded in principles of phenomenology, hermeneutics, and idiography. In this consultation-style session, the presenters will lead collaborative dialogues related to designing, implementing, and evaluating high quality IPA studies. The presenters will address key philosophical principles and common challenges unique to IPA.

Intersectional Experiences of Privilege and Oppression of Queer Men of Color in Counselor Education - Christian Chan, Ph.D. & Sam Steen, Ph.D.

Utilizing an intersectionality paradigm and methodological strategies from interpretative phenomenological analysis, this study examined lived intersectional experiences of privilege and oppression of Queer Men of Color in Counselor Education and Supervision doctoral programs. The presenters will discuss findings from six superordinate themes associated with strategies for systematically enhancing counselor education.

Chi Sigma Iota Faculty Advisors Training - Jody Huntington, Ph.D. & Christian Chan, Ph.D.

During this interactive session, experienced CSI Chapter Faculty Advisors will share strategies for building strong and active chapters. The presentation will address topics such as increasing membership, recruiting and mentoring student leaders, fundraising, and involving alumni. New CFAs and doctoral students interested in serving as CFAs are encouraged to attend.

Promoting Multicultural Awareness within Peer Group Supervision - Jehan Hill, M.Ed., Sarah Baquet, M.S., & Camille Frank, M.Coun.

Utilizing Dianne Borders's (1991) structured peer group design, this discussion will provide an overview of incorporating meaningful feedback within supervision. Discussion will be focused on fostering multicultural awareness through structured feedback design as well as eliciting the experiences from participants regarding their own interactions encouraging cultural dialogue within group supervision.

Becoming a Doctoral Adviser and Dissertation Chair: Strategies for Success - Elizabeth Horn, Ph.D., Wendy Hoskins, Ph.D., Judith Crews, Ph.D., & Randy Astramovich, Ph.D.

The presenters will provide strategies for effectively moving into the role of a doctoral adviser and dissertation chair. In addition, they will discuss common pitfalls and ways to manage student issues.

Panoramic Perspectives of Qualitative Research in Counselor Education and Supervision - David Kleist, Ph.D., Melissa Luke, Ph.D., & Kristopher Goodrich, Ph.D.

Three counselor education and supervision scholars with a shared fifty years of qualitative research experience share their perspectives on varied and important questions in qualitative research. You are invited to join them as they engage in a panel discussion of questions such as what excites or vexes them the most regarding qualitative research they've seen, as well as what possibilities they see for the future of qualitative research in counselor education. Each panelist will offer their observations and aspirations for the training, mentorship, and development of qualitative research in counselor education and supervision. Participants will have an opportunity to contribute/pose questions and help shape the discussion across panelists. A brief handout of qualitative resources will be provided.

Connecting Clinical Experience: Effectively Utilizing Counseling Experience in Counselor Education - William Lane, M.Coun. & Shawn Parmanand, Ph.D.

Too often Counselor Educators become distanced from their clinical roots, thus leaving a gap between teaching and practice. In this presentation, the presenters will share lived experience regarding learning and teaching through the sharing of lived experience. Ideas regarding how to best infuse practice into education will be discussed.

A Novel Approach to Prepracticum Skills Training Through the Use of Conversation Analysis - Kristen Lister, Ph.D.

Presenter will share an innovative approach to prepracticum skills training through the use of Conversation Analysis (CA), a methodology used by researchers to closely examine interactional processes. Attendees will be introduced to novel research findings on skills training and learn how to apply CA to their own skills training courses.

Understanding Multicultural Supervision Through the Lens of Perceived Cultural Homogeneity - Kristen Lister, Ph.D. & Jade Letourneau, Ph.D.

Practicing multicultural supervision is an ethical imperative that can seem challenging to supervisors working in culturally homogeneous areas. Presenters will review literature and discuss the role of multicultural awareness and cultural dialogue in working with culturally similar supervisees. Culturally-sensitive supervision models and strategies for doctoral supervision training will be provided.

Writing Instruction: Improving Master's Level Academic Writing - Kathleen Muirhead, M.A. & Randy Astramovich, Ph.D.

Development of academic writing skills may seem daunting to new graduate counseling students. Presenters will review results and implications of a study on the effectiveness of a series of writing workshops on the academic writing abilities of first year master’s counseling students.

Presentation Title: Q Methodology: An Exploration of a Mixed Method |in Theory and Praxis - Kathleen Muirhead, M.A., & Steve Moody, Ph.D.

Mixed methods can provide complexity of data that is often needed within the profession. This presentation will review one such method, Q Methodology, both its theoretical underpinnings and its uses within counseling research today. An example study will be presented and reviewed as a way to demonstrate practical applications.

The Development of Culturally Responsive Counselors: Narratives of Counselor Educators - Anna Elliott, Ph.D., Christian Chan, Ph.D., Kirsten Murray, Ph.D., & Amanda Minor, Ph.D

This panel presentation is made up of counselor educators with varying years of experience, who will discuss the process of facilitating graduate students' multicultural competence while exploring their own multicultural development. Methods for exploring the role of the instructor, and how to manage charged or taboo topics will be discussed.

1 + 1 = Many - Chelsea Rogers, M.S. in Higher Education

When training counselors to effectively work with domestic violence populations, integrating both individualistic and collectivistic approaches to the acculturation models may offer advantages than either approach yields independently.

Advocating for Integration of Military and Veteran Cultural Competencies Within Counseling Programs - Katie Sacco, M.Coun. & Edson Andrade, M.S.

Counselors in training benefit from exposure to military and veteran culture. This presentation will address the necessary components of offering military and veteran cultural competencies to counselors in training. The presentation will cover potential areas for bias and the stigma surrounding mental health care for military members.

Animal Assisted Interventions (AAIs) in Counselor Education and Supervision - Connie Couch, M.Ed. & Leslie Stewart, Ph.D.

When competently integrated into supervisory and educational experiences, Animal Assisted Interventions (AAIs) enhance relationships and contextualize learning experiences for counselors in training. CES professionals interested in implementing AAIs require specialized training and additional skills. Awareness of AAI competency is recommended for all CES professionals as AAI popularity continues burgeoning.

ISU Counseling Program receives the (ALGBTIC) inaugural Counseling Program Award

The Department of Counseling received the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling (ALGBTIC) inaugural Counseling Program Award. Faculty members Drs. Kristen Lister, Randy Astramovich, and Christian Chan accepted the award at the 2018 Conference in Portland, Oregon.


Congratulations to Dianne Piggott!

Dianne Piggott will be the Keynote Speaker at the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 27, 2018, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in the ISU Pond Student Union Building-Little Wood River Room.

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is an annual observance on November 20 that honors the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. You can read more about the Transgender Day of Remembrance at the ISU Gender Resource Center, and find out how you can participate.

Dianne is a third year student in the Master of Counseling program in Meridian, Idaho. For more of Dianne's history:



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