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Student Questions

Student Questions

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Distance-Based Instruction Resources and Tips


What about commencement?

Is the Testing Center open?

Is distance-based education continuing through the summer?

What will happen to hands-on courses, including technical programs, music and dance classes, physical education activity courses, and labs?

What if I am in College of Technology classes?

When is our tuition being refunded?

I’m a student employee - will I still be working and being paid?

What if I don’t have a good internet connection at home?

What if I am struggling with learning in an online format?

How do I find specific class information with the new course delivery methods necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic?

How do I access Moodle ISU?

What do I need for learning via distance based instruction?

What if I don’t have internet access or limited access?

Will disability accommodations be made for my classes so I have equal access to all learning materials? Will my auditory or visual disability services be available through an online course?

Are campus services still available?

How will this affect summer classes?

When will fall schedules be out, and when will registration begin?

My internet Wi-Fi is too slow. How do I boost my home wifi speed?

Is the library open?

Moodle Questions

Moodle login

How do I access Moodle ISU?

Who do I contact with Moodle ISU questions?

How can I take an exam again if I lose my connection to the Internet?