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Staff Questions

What are my telecommuting options?

How do I move my meetings to Zoom?

What do I do if I need a leave of absence due to an underlying medical condition?

Will I be covered under worker’s compensation if I contract COVID-19 from being at work?

Am I required to help a customer or client who is showing signs of COVID-19 or another communicable disease?

I am an hourly employee - do I still get paid?

Is there anything different I need to do in reporting hours?

I’m a student employee - will I still be working and being paid?

What if I am out of sick leave?

I'm a manager. Are there tools available for me to help plan for employees to work remotely?

I am a 9-month employee, what does this mean for the summer?

I am under isolation at the request of public health officials for two weeks. What should I do?


Faculty Questions

Where do I start in getting my course ready for distance-based instruction?

Who can I call for assistance?

How do I move my meetings to Zoom?

What if my students don’t have computer access at home?

What if my students don’t have internet access or limited access?

Can I use recorded lectures from previous years to finish out my class or provide instruction for my students?

What if my students don’t have access to computer peripherals (webcam, microphone, speakers or headset)?

What are my options for recording lectures or informative videos for this new class format?

How do I hold office hours?

Can students be required to come to campus?

If I’m teaching in a DL room, can I still teach from my DL room even though all my students are remote?

I’ve never used Zoom. Are there instructions online?

What are some practices to avoid in this time of course delivery transition?


Travel questions

Does the travel ban include travel between University campuses?

Do you have clarifying guidance for personal travel?

If I charged a grant index on a pre-approval request, can I still use this index for expenses if I did not go on the planned trip?

Am I allowed to travel to students on rotation or who may not be at one of our campus locations to complete an academic program evaluation?

What restrictions are in place for University business travel?

How do I reconcile my cancelled trip?

What do I do if I have an active Pre-Approval, without a travel advance, ISU travel card transactions, or personal expenses to reconcile?

Moodle Questions

Moodle login

How do I access Moodle ISU?

What if my class isn’t conducive to be delivered via distance-based instruction (PEAC, Labs, Art/Theater, Technical Program)?

Who do I contact to get assistance with Moodle ISU?

My internet Wi-Fi is too slow. How do I boost my home wifi speed?