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Hone Your Sales Skills

No matter your field of study, sales will be part of the success you have in your career. Whether you are pursuing business, healthcare or the sciences, you will need the ability to sell a product, service, an idea or yourself. The Professional Sales Certificate program allows students of any major to take just three courses to help better these skills using strategic principles. Adding an additional attribute to your resume, those who complete the nine credit certificate will gain experience in basic marketing, principles in sales and social media strategy. 


Just Three Courses


Introduction to Marketing

Students will gain an introduction to the marketing function in business and other organizations as well as environmental aspects of market selection and strategy. Students will also dive into the analysis of product, pricing, promotion and distribution. 

Personal Selling

This course will cover product features, buying motives, selling points, principles and practices of selling, psychology of salesmanship, sales problems, personal requirements and opportunities. Students will learn to determine the amount and allocation of personal sales effort to be applied to the market and methods of organizing, evaluating and controlling this effort. 

Social Media Strategy

Students can choose an approved elective for the third course or dive into the theory and application of business strategy in the context of social media. Particular emphasis is placed on building and maintaining a social media presence along with the evaluation of and planning for effective campaigns. 


Get Started

The Professional Sales Certificate is open to current Idaho State students in any major. If you are currently an Idaho State Student the certificate can be added as a secondary curriculum to your current major. Current students should talk with one of our College of Business advisors to get started with the program. Follow the link below to get started.