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Virginia Lee Williams

Vice-President of Global Customer Success, Planview, Inc.

Virginia studied Speech and English in college thinking she’d be a lawyer. The need for a summer job led her to a radio news gig which led to roles as a broadcast journalist. Little did she know her work behind the microphone was excellent preparation for what was waiting for her on the other side of the microphone: a career in sales and customer success.

Virginia’s proven that foundational sales and customer success skills and processes span industries. She has nearly 30 yeas of global sales, sales operations and customer success experience in the media, satellite communications, industrial printing and enterprise software/SaaS industries. She’s worked for start-ups, public, and private equity-owned companies. She’s led global direct, multi-channel and OEM sales teams. She’s revamped sales models for increased margin and profitability. She’s led customer success teams focused on increasing customer value realization and retention. She’s also been a sales leadership consultant providing leadership to and establishing best practices for companies. She’s known for recruiting and developing top talent and building strong teams.

Virginia considers one of her career highlights as leading sales and marketing teams in China, requiring her to embrace cross cultural differences and be the bridge to achieve company and customer success. She also found learning some Mandarin phrases, and eating authentic cuisine goes a long way!

Virginia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, loves travel, experiencing new cultures, and her cat. She is also an advocate and fund raiser for suicide prevention and erasing the stigma around mental health.