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Kent Malinowski

Kent Malinowski

CEO, SuccessWorks, Inc

Leads a company that has increased client revenues by a billion dollars over 25 years. Company presidents and individual salespeople alike rely on Kent to catapult their sales successes.  His company’s training and coaching have “Broken the Sales Code” by inventing a groundbreaking sales methodology (SW3PTM).  This system re-invents tired, old school approaches for hiring People; managing the sales Pipeline; and executing the sales Process.  

Kent began his sales career at the age of 16 selling advertising after school.  He spent years “carrying a bag” by selling enterprise accounts in the technology space.  At 30, Kent doubled revenue twice while leading a Fortune 500 company division before founding his own sales training company in 1994. He trained thousands of salespeople for companies (small and large) including General Electric, Harris Corporation, Ultimate Software, Weitz Construction and Nationwide Insurance.

He carries certifications in the sciences of human behavior, motivation and emotional intelligence (which simply means he discovered some keen insights about how customers buy and how salespeople attempt to persuade).  Kent’s expertise guides others on voyages deep inside The Buyer and Seller Brains.