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Peer Mentor Program

Starting college is probably one of the first major adult steps many of us will take in our lives. Moving to a new city, starting a whole new chapter can be kind of scary. The College of Business's Peer Mentor Program pairs new incoming students with current students to help make your first-year transition that much easier. So, as soon as you start, you'll have a friend on campus who can help you navigate your first year in college. 

As part of the program, students will have the chance to participate in regularly scheduled activities with other College of Business students. Whether it's bowling, scoring some free food, climbing the rock wall, or doing some fun outdoor activities- you will have plenty of chances to make new friends and really get to enjoy the college experience. Plus, you'll have a buddy to turn to for advice on studying, which classes to take, and whatever other questions you might have. 

Having a peer mentor will help you feel more connected to the college and your peers, keep you on track to graduating on time, increase your grade point average, and will help make sure you have a great experience from the start. 

How it Works

All incoming College of Business students are encouraged to join the Peer Mentor Program as a mentee. Once you join, you will be paired with a current student mentor. You and your mentor will then particpate in four activities throughout the semester including a one-on-one activity, a campus-hosted event, a College of Business Professional Development event and a Peer Mentor Program event.

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Getting Involved

Interested in joining the program as a mentor or mentee? Send us an email by clicking on the button below. Tell us a little bit about yourself and we will be in touch to help connect you with a student. 

Become a Mentor

Become a Mentee 



Mentors Will...

  • Help mentee experience a positive and successful transition into university life
  • Help mentee to achieve a sense of engagement and belonging on campus and in the College of Business
  • Assist mentee with goal setting (academic goals, personal goals, and professional goals)
  • Provide resources and information vital to the mentee’s academic and professional success
  • Connect mentee with faculty and staff supports
  • Develop a personal repertoire of leadership skills and abilities
  • Gain experience that will be useful in applying for graduate level education or their intended career

Mentees Will..

  • Develop and increase academic, social, and professional skills and confidences
  • Set goals, and then create strategies for accomplishing those goals
  • Find ways to get involved on campus and in the College of Business
  • Identify future plans for graduate level education or entry into the professional workforce
  • Persist until degree completion

Upcoming Events

Why Become a Mentor?

Why should you join the Peer Mentor Program as a current student mentor? Click the link below to learn more about the benefits of the program for current students.

Becoming a Mentor