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Bengal Solutions Services

The Bengal Solutions program is housed under the umbrella of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CEED) in the ISU College of Business. Through the CEED programs, the College of Business is providing a central location for a wide variety of low cost to no cost business and entrepreneurial needs. Bengal Solutions utilizes some of the College's top graduate student assistants to conduct a variety of research and business development projects. Students are able to conduct a variety of projects for clients and are not limited to the list below. Fill out our request form or contact program director, Dr. Dan Cravens to discuss your needs. 

Business Plans

Bengal Solutions works with startups and existing businesses to develop or rework business plans. Plans are focused around a mission and vision for your business utlizing strategic actions, measurable goals and a timeline. 

Marketing Plans

Based on your key marketing objective, students will help businesses develop a message and strategic and measurable tactics for tackling your objective. Plans are worked around a set timeline of implementation, measuring for success, and budgeting.  

Marketing Research

Whether you are looking to branch out into a new market, determine the best tactics for reaching your audience

Economic Development


Feasibility Studies

How pratical is your idea, plan, or method? Bengal Solutions can develop a custom research plan and execute actions to determine the feasibility of your project. 

Marketing Research

Utilizing the research skills of our graduate students, Bengal Solutions can conduct market analysis to determine the ideal area, price-point, promotion, and complete marketing mix for reaching your audience or promoting your product or service.  



Bengal Solutions offers low cost services to all of our clients. Pricing is based entirely on the complexity and time commitment of every project. Every client will undergo a consultation with Director, Dr. Dan Cravens at which point a fee will be determined.