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Why Should You Pick a Business Degree?

November 23, 2020

When applying to college you’re presented with various degrees to choose between such as an associate, bachelor’s and master's degrees along with many different majors to pair with whatever degree you pick. As a student, it is not always easy to decide which one would suit you best. Many students find themselves switching between associate and bachelor’s degrees and various majors or even deciding not to declare a major until later on. So, why is a business degree a good choice to stick with? One of the reasons is the fact that business is all around us.  Every company is dependent on running a successful business and shares the number one goal of making money. In order to make money, the company needs to be run by people that understand business which includes everything from accounting and finance to management, marketing, business informatics and human resource management (HR). 

A degree in business opens up many doors for your future career and gives you knowledge that is suitable for many different jobs. In fact, “a business administration major is exposed to all types of business concepts and is familiar with a variety of strategies and situations that students in specialized majors may not encounter” (Imagine America, 2019). For example, if you are looking to pursue a career within HR, management, or sales, a business degree would give you preparations that you need. The HR classes at the Idaho State University College of Business, for example, give you important information about the hiring process and help you understand the important aspects of employee retention, benefits, conflict management, legal issues, etc. Similarly, for management; a business degree allows you to understand the different areas of a business such as accounting and supervising employees. For employers looking to hire managers, it is attractive knowing that a graduate has experience in the different areas of business and the knowledge of the area’s contribution to the overall success of that specific company. Sales is also part of many different fields such as insurance, medical and any type of marketing position. A business degree can give you the knowledge needed in order to practice your communication and marketing techniques in a way that makes you an effective and successful salesperson (Imagine America, 2019)

Some common degree types within the College of Business are Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Science (BS). A BBA degree gives students knowledge of how companies function and require you to take courses such as marketing, management, accounting, economics, and any other area of business. For a BS degree, students will get more in depth with a range of topics that focus on the “science of business.” 

A business degree also gives you the perks of one day creating your own business. If you have a hard time picturing yourself working for someone else in your future career, a business degree opens up the door for you to start working for yourself. A degree in business gives you the basics of how businesses operate which gives you a great foundation for how to start your own business one day and how to be a successful entrepreneur (Imagine America, 2019).

Many degrees offer great salaries and job opportunities and a business degree is no exception. Some of the business-related jobs in Idaho that are defined by the Idaho Department of Labor as abundant, fast-growing and offering high pay include management analysts, accountants and auditors, personal financial advisers, business operations specialists, market research analysts and marketing specialists, and operations research analysts (Idaho Department of Labor, 2017). These are just some of the fields that would be a great option for people pursuing a degree in business and gives you some potential careers that might interest you.

For those who have already decided different majors, having a minor in business is also possible. Such minors that exist at the College of Business are business administration, economics, marketing, and much more. No matter what job you go into, it is a business and having that background can benefit you in the long run. 

In summary,  there are endless opportunities and various types of jobs and fields that open up when choosing a degree in business. As the article from Imagine America Foundation states (2019), “You can use this flexibility to move into many different areas of business operations and get a jump on your professional business career”. 


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