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The Journey of One Alumnus

February 1, 2019

Choosing between school and working is probably one of the harder decisions a person can make. And for Richard Butler, the choice was particularly hard. Butler was born in Utah, lived his childhood in San Diego, and then moved to northern Colorado when he was 12. He attended BYU-I where he procured his undergraduate degree in accounting. While attending BYU-I, Butler accepted an internship position at Richey May & Co. and worked for them between his junior and senior year. Butler eventually chose to walk away from a full-time offer from them to attend Idaho State University and it wasn’t easy.

At the end of my second internship with Richey May & Co., LLP they offered me a full-time position.The decision was made even more difficult when I met the love of my life in Denver,” says Butler about his experience. He even created a five-year projection plan of his net worth to help him decide. But once he made the decision to return to school, picking a program was a breeze. His good friend had decided to attend Idaho State’s Masters of Accountancy program and after completing his undergrad at BYU-I, Butler was hooked on the Idaho landscape and all the activities it had to offer. In addition to those, ISU was also the most cost-effective for him.

“Accountants understand cost-benefit analysis, and ISU has the best deal around for anyone looking to become a CPA...ISU's MAcc program is known for preparing their students to succeed on the CPA exams, and also prepares them for their careers. All of this comes at a fraction of the cost that other schools charge,” said Butler.

While attending the College of Business, Butler met many individuals and a few of them inspired him on his Accountancy path. Among them are Professors Dawn Konicek, Dave Bagley, and Michele O’Brien-Rose as well as Gail Hunt, one of the administrative assistants  at the College of Business.

“Dawn was so full of energy, and she is passionate about tax. This helped  because tax isn't always the most exciting subject. Dave's attorney background, with current examples from his work, brought business law to life. Michele is probably in the top three kindest people I have ever met. In addition, she is such an amazing teacher that when I got to. Aside from professors, the most inspiring person I met at ISU was Gail Hunt, the Administrative Assistant of the College of Business. Not only did she save my bacon multiple times, she took personal interest in my life and gave me great tips for places I should go hiking around Pocatello!”

Since then, Butler has passed his CPA exam and will shortly receive his certification. He currently resides in Colorado with his wife and is loving his job working for Richey May & Co. He loves that he gets to learn new things every day and that he provides a valuable service to clients. One of his favorite things about his job is that he can help clients solve complex tax problems and help them figure out their finances. In his free time, Butler likes hiking, camping, backpacking, and photography.