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The Backbone of a Business

November 15, 2021

There are many roles in a business that are considered highly important, but there is one position in particular that you might not realize is at the top of the list. Administrative Assistants serve as the backbone and gatekeeper of a company. “Administrative Assistants typically work for organizations to oversee routine and advanced duties for other professionals. They work closely with Administrators and other employees to organize files, create correspondence and prepare reports or documents,” (Indeed, 2021).


We interviewed Tanya Betty, who is one of the Administrative Assistants at Idaho State’s College of Business. Tanya’s job consists of many tasks relating to the Graduate Programs, Professional Development and the Career Path Internship Program (CPI).


Why are Administrative Assistants Important?


As previously mentioned, Administrative Assistants can be viewed as the backbone and  gatekeeper of the company. What we mean by gatekeeper is they control what goes in and out of the company. Admin Assistants are the go-to for directions and questions. They are heavily relied on considering they support management and clients with any information needed to complete certain tasks. Their day to day bases can vary, thus the ability to be flexible is a must. 


At the College of Business, Tanya’s duties consist of keeping track of records in regards to the Graduate Program, assisting new employees in the CPI program, helping with events, maintaining a list of prospective students and recording purchases/payments. However, these are only a few out of the many jobs that Tanya is in charge of, which shows how much work Admin Assistants put in daily. 


What training and skills are needed?


“Admin training or schooling would be a great foundation to start with. Without that, some office experience would be helpful. Many Admin positions are willing to work with you, whereas they all are so different in what all is involved. Most could be taught to you and/or quickly picked up. So many computer programs are specifically created for a position/business as well. There is always something to learn there.


As far as what is needed for the position, a basic understanding of the way an office functions, a general knowledge of computers, ability to get along with a wide variety of people, communication, compassion/empathy, and the willingness to do anything asked of you. Being organized, proactive, able to plan and prioritize, time management, and problem solving, being able to conduct research, compile data, attention to detail, and a sense of urgency, phone etiquette,” said Tanya.


Any advice for those looking into this position?


“You have to have an interest in the mission of the organization. Being flexible is a must! Be willing to learn as you go along- you may have to ask for help on something. You need the ability to be able to build rapport with many unique personalities. Admin consists of so many different tasks- be ready for anything!” 


Administrative Assistants serve as an important part of any business. They can be considered the backbone and gatekeeper of the company and are heavily relied on for information and tasks. We are thankful for all the work that they put in to keep a business on track. If you have any questions, asking an Admin Assistant is a great option. You can contact Tanya Betty at


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