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Spring Break Photo Scavenger Hunt

March 11, 2019

Here it is, the time in the spring semester that we have all been waiting for. It is exactly ten weeks into the semester and exactly six weeks from the end of the semester. It is the much anticipated break that we have all desperately been needing. The opportunities are endless as to how to spend this entire week of freedom, freedom from a semester that seems will never end. Welcome to Spring Break!

Many people plan big trips with friends during this week, such as MBA student, Vanesa Fontes Nava who will be travelling to Banff and Calgary, Canada! MAcc student, Elisa VanOrden, is traveling to Mexico for the week! But, sometimes you have a big test you need to study for over the break like me! Either way, it’s just nice to have a week off from classes!

This year, in the College of Business, we thought it would be fun to have a social media activity over Spring Break. This activity is something that everyone will be able to do! Whether you’re traveling to Canada or Mexico like Vanesa and Elisa, or spending your week studying for that big test like me. This activity is something that everyone will be able to participate in.

Here it is:

This Spring Break, we are going to be having an Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Below, is a list of photo opportunities that hopefully most everyone will have over Spring Break. We wanted these photo opportunities to be things that you would probably post anyway, so, the only difference is that you will tag the CoB Instagram page (idahostateu_cob) in your photo. Each photo opportunity is worth a certain amount of points. Every photo, from the list, that you post and tag the CoB Instagram page in during Spring Break will count towards your total points.

We will be watching over the break at the photos the CoB Instagram page has been tagged in, and I will be sharing all of these photos to our story for everyone to see! (So make sure your profile is public!) After Spring Break, come up to the BA 510 suite and CLAIM YOUR PRIZE! What’s the prize?? SWAG!! Every person who reaches 50 points over the week, by posting the photo opportunities and tagging the CoB Instagram page, will be able to win CoB swag!! Just come up to BA 510 and show either myself (Corinne Brown) or Kelsey West your photos!

Here are the rules:

  • Post photos from the list
  • Tag the CoB Instagram page (idahostateu_cob)
  • Earn 50 points by posting multiple photos
  • Come to the BA 510 office the week after Spring Break to claim your prize!

So print off this list and get ready to post away! We want this to be a fun and engaging social media event! We are so excited to see all of the fun things that you’ve done over Spring Break and we hope that once you come back you are refreshed and ready to finish out this semester!


ISU College of Business

Spring Break Photo Scavenger Hunt!



  • A puddle
  • A yellow house
  • An Arched Window
  • A photo of local art
  • A disposable coffee cup with a coffee shop’s logo
  • Shopping at your local supermarket
  • Wildflowers
  • Sitting around a fire
  • An ice cream cone
  • Reading a book
  • A patch of snow
  • The sun streaming in through a window
  • Watching a movie and eating popcorn
  • Game night
  • Crafting Project
  • Catching up on sleep
  • Shopping
  • Out to dinner with friends



  • A rainbow
  • The welcome sign from your hometown
  • Frisbee golf course
  • Walking down a hiking trail
  • Downhill/ XC-skiing
  • Mountain/ Road biking
  • Working on a class project
  • Studying for a test
  • Working hard at work
  • Fishing
  • Roadtripping
  • Picture with your family
  • A welcome sign from a different state (not Idaho)
  • Outdoor activity with your pet
  • Rock Climbing



  • Walking along a beach
  • A concert
  • In an airport
  • A picture in a different country
  • Visiting a National Park


*Tag our Instagram page, @idahostateu_cob, in your photo

**50 or more points earns you a prize!