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Insights From a Current Student

December 18, 2020

Starting college can be a terrifying experience. It’s a new milestone in your life and you might have an endless range of questions. The good news is that student ambassadors can help you transition successfully and help you answer those questions. Student ambassadors help educate visitors about campus life by conducting tours, going to recruitment events and more. We asked Idaho State University ambassador, Cecelia Magallon, to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that students have when starting college, particularly at Idaho State University. 



  • Do you recommend students to live on campus or off campus?



I always encourage students to live on campus at least their first year of college. By living on a college campus, students get to meet more students and be more involved and have more of that college experience. Once the first year is over, then students can decide whether they liked the experience or not and decide if they want to stay on campus.



  • What are some fun things to do in Pocatello?



I love to tell students about the hiking trails that we have surrounding Pocatello. If students love the outdoors they can go to our Outdoor Adventure Center on campus and rent equipment such as paddle boards, camping bags, snowboards, and many more at an inexpensive price.



  • What is there to do on campus?



Usually I like to let students know that there's a lot to do around Pocatello but we also have a majority of the stuff on our very own campus such as our game center that consists of a bowling alley, arcade and billiards/ping pong tables. We also have the Bengal Movie Theater that is FREE for Idaho State students, which also has inexpensive concession stands for the popcorn lovers! The Craft Shop is another really fun place to go on campus for ceramics, sewing, tye dying, woodworking and many more! Lastly the rec center in Reeds gym is also a great place for students to go play tennis, racket ball, run around the indoor track or even go rock climbing at the indoor rock climbing wall.



  • What major or minors do you guys offer?



This is a very general question that students who may not know what they would like to study ask, but generally a lot of students who do come to campus already have somewhat of an idea of what they would like to major in. I usually refer them to a piece of information that we usually hand out on tours or if not I let me know that they can see all our majors and minors on our website!



  • Do you have to purchase a meal plan?



If students live on campus they do have to purchase a meal plan, depending on which one the student wants. If a student does not live on campus they do not have to purchase a meal plan.



  • Can freshmen bring a car to school and do they have to live on campus their first year?



First year students can bring their car to campus; they will just need to make sure to purchase a parking pass. As a first year student you are not required to live on campus but it is highly recommended. 


If you still have questions, you can contact Cecelia Magallon at It is also always a great idea to visit campus before choosing your college of choice. By visiting, you are able to talk with current students, schedule a group visit and talk to an admissions advisor. You also have the option of doing a virtual tour if you can’t make it to campus in person.